Work Experience and Why it’s Important to Invest in Tomorrow’s Talent

Work Experience and Why it’s Important to Invest in Tomorrows’ Talent

IT Managed Solution Providers Timico continue their commitment to the community and young talent, inviting two students from the Magnus C of E Academy for work experience.

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“The local community is at the heart of the Timico success story”

Leaving school and entering the professional sphere can be a difficult and daunting prospect for any teenager. As a collective, we’ve never been more connected, positively and negatively, with the happenings of the world. Phones beep, tweet and light up with every update from a global scale to a change in lunchtime plans. Our every thought is documented, and every feeling heard. This virtual insanity, to borrow Jamiroquai’s phrase, is bound to leave an impression when it comes to career confidence and expectation.

A recent study showed that teenagers today are more focussed on career progression than ever. There is a shift to political interest, independence and ambition, and despite their unfortunate connotations, the youth are the new flag bearers of information.

“A survey of 1,000 16- to 18-year-olds found that they were drinking much less. More than 80% of those surveyed said performing well in exams or succeeding in their chosen career was a top priority” BPAS, 2018

My fourteen year old cousin knows more members of the cabinet than I do – why is this? It could be down, as proposed by an American study of Millennials, to having a sixth sense for technology and the ability to adapt effortlessly to the digital world. A constant stream of information. And with this; the unemployment figures, the house rates, the living costs. There is an anxiety to leaving school and making that next vital step. It’s companies like Timico that make that transition easier.

In July this year, Michael Moore (Technical Lead), represented Timico at an Open Forum, an opportunity for students to talk to professionals. Off the back of this, two students spent a week’s work experience with the Application Development Team. During one competitive working day, the students (now considered part of the team) were paired with a developer in a competition to build the most superior robot. As the week drew to a close, one of the students commented:

“During my week with Timico, I have learned a variety of new programming languages working in both front and back end. It was a blast every single day and I ended up wanting to stay longer than I was supposed to. I would love to work somewhere like Timico in the future especially with the team I have had such a good time working with all week.” – Tomas Gudauskas

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Offering work experience gives students invaluable access to a professional environment, a great assett to their CV, and adds framework to an otherwise unnerving few years. Bringing in bright young minds is also beneficial for business. Timico are specialists in digital transformation, an industry that must stay ahead of the market when it comes to digital trends. There are no better examples of the power of digital transformation than its impact on young people. The teacher of the two students also commented, saying:

“I wanted to say a huge thank you for all you have done for the pupils within the school during my time here.  Without your support and inspiration for pupils learning they would not gain the vision they have within the computing industry.  As a company you truly are exceptional, and I wish far more were like yourselves” – Amanda Gwyther, Magnus C of E Academy 

As well as work experience, Timico have a history of offering apprenticeships to further support rising talent and contribute regularly to a number of local charities. If I haven’t convinced you of the importance of work experience and the thinkers of tomorrow, I’ll let my colleague have the final word:

“For me, I owe my whole career to a developer that I was fortunate to spend just 2 hours with on work experience. I had no prior experience but after 2 hours with him, it set off a spark which made me want to learn more, develop my skills and ultimately forge a career in software development. It is so important to engage with young people and give them a taste of what a career in your profession can be like. Who knows, you might just end up changing their life forever.” Michael Moore, Application Development Technical Lead

Follow our blog to have updates on digital transformation, as well as cultural and fun activities, for example our recent London to Brighton Bike Ride and our Summer Work Party. We have an action-packed calendar ahead!


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Jul 20, 2018

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