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Network Security

Next-generation security.

Timico recognises that networks face constantly evolving security threats. That is why we focus on adaptability, with the ability to continually update best practice and early warning sign systems to mitigate and limit any potential threats. Timico combines latest-generation CPU’s, software and hardware, and expertise to configure your security infrastructure in advance to protect from sophisticated attacks without creating a bottleneck on your network.


Bespoke capabilities and configuration options, enhanced security features, high performance, ultra-low latency, and unmatched scalability.

Integrated Unified Threat Management

UTM provides a host of security applications in a single device, and ranges from mail and content filtering to anti-virus, and network access control solutions. This allows your business to secure your network at a significantly reduced cost with lower management overhead and fewer hardware requirements.

Timico Intrusion Prevention System

IPS protects your network from both known and unknown threats, blocking attacks that might take advantage of network vulnerabilities and unpatched systems. IPS includes predefined and customer signatures, protocol decoders, out-of-band mode, packet logging, IPS sensors.

DDoS Protection

Provides real-time visibility in to your business network, with the addition of detection and prevention of Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks.

Email Security

Timico’s email security is a cloud based, SaaS approach to business email filtering, providing scanning of inbound and outbound email to protect against malicious emails, attachments and unwanted spam.

The service combines modern, intelligent methods with traditional ‘known threat’ models to intercept both known and predicted threats.

An email quarantine catches emails from an unknown source which shows characteristics of spam but hold a low threat level. Quarantine reports are sent several times daily and give the end user the option to whitelist trusted senders or domains and blacklist genuine threats or spam.

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