Managed Services

Professional and Support Services


Service Management is a multi-faceted service model from Timico that is focused to deliver the following to our clients:

Service Manager

Our service managers understand what a good client experience looks like and are the custodians for the client experience. Your service manager takes overall ownership of your operational relationship with Timico to support in service related responsibilities.

Client Enablement and Reporting

To ensure you are provided with an excellent experience and full transparency, our service managers will work wit you to provide specific technology, financial, and behavioral reports. These can include, but are not limited to:

  • Availability

  • Usage and Consumption

  • Quality and Performance

  • Capacity

  • Spend

  • Adoption

Lifecycle Management

Service management is integral to the client relationship during the life cycle and progression of the relationship. The client life cycle includes;

Business Review - at the business review, your service manager will discuss all aspects of your relationship with Timico, reviewing and analyzing the data collated in reports and ensuring that there is continual service improvement.

Continual Service Improvement - Uses metrics to identify areas of improvement and to measure the impact of improvement efforts, including whether critical success factors have been met against the key performance indicators (KPIs) that have been set against them. Continual service improvement takes place throughout the full life cycle.

Critical Infrastructure Support

Timico provides in-house support and management services for your business critical infrastructure across server, storage, and networking systems.

Our critical infrastructure services can provide you with peace of mind that we will proactively monitor your infrastructure, alerting you and acting on any potential risks of issues, and managing incidents through to resolution which allows you to focus on your business.

We recognise the importance of IT infrastructure within each unique organisation and know the complexity of your IT environment.

Professional Services

At Timico, we understand that business transformation projects require
a high degree of organization, communication, and skill.

Project Management

Our professional project management services ensure the successful delivery of business change in your organisation using established best practice methodology.

Timico product management will be engaged through the planning execution, monitoring, control, and closing phases of a project. From the point of project kick off, they are ultimately responsible for the successful delivery of the project, handover to support, and management of your interests in the project.

All projects are delivered in a controlled and governed manner, in line with both Prince2 methodologies and requirements specific to Timico. This will ensure regular reporting, risk, and issue management throughout the project, and updates to plans that support Timico in delivering new services.

Timico endeavours to be your trusted advisor throughout your projects, and will always establish a complementary relationship of professional advice, guidance, and support.

Lean on experts - Our consultants, architects, and technical team have seen and worked on a lot of projects during their time, meaning you can lean on them for help at any moment. We only ever suggest options which are right for you, covering any internal or external considerations that may impact your options.

Proper Project Delivery - Time and time again, organisations can be left in the dark by their partners because they haven’t installed or designed the project properly. Our consultants work with you to make sure that everything works as it should, and that it’s integrated into the business thoroughly.

We work to best practices - As a managed cloud service provider, we align ourselves to ITIL best practice to see you through the entire system lifecycle based around your strategy whilst following a continual service improvement.


We provide engineering in support of our Timico products coordinated in relation to our other professional services, especially product managements. Engineers are available in different tiers and different disciplines to cover the requirements of your business. We offer engineering support both remotely or on-location, and are always striving to support our customers with expert engineers.

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