Timico Summer Party Success

Timico Summer Party Success

IT solution providers Timico enjoy a company summer party to celebrate excellence

This doesn’t feel like England. This is what I thought as I watched my summer clad colleagues sipping on Pimms and basking in the sun with a moviesque glow. Stylish, if it wasn’t for the shaking wreck in the background, gripping a Bucking Bronco, an enraged plastic bull, as it tossed her around with progressively more speed. I don’t think you can beat that thing. Not too far from this demonstration of beast-taming a group of ten colleagues were attached to horizontal poles, happily actualising a childhood fantasy of being human table football players. Nearby, two warriors dared the bungee run – it would have been great at this moment to have a slow-motion camera, capturing their faces at the point of defeat. How quickly their expressions changed from the triumph of running forward to the realisation that they cannot take another step and were about to be propelled backwards.


Company Summer Party


BBQ, music, sun and great company. The recipe for success. And while some sat under the marquee, others took to hay bales and social circles listening to a talented singer and guitarist, or playing giant Jenga. Departments mixed in conversation, and it became very evident that Timico has zero division when it comes to socialising. It also became apparent that this is a company that cares about their colleagues. Apart from the Bucking Broncho. I’ve never seen such raucous masochism.

Behind the fun and the games was a solid workforce, headed by Timico’s Communication & Engagement Manager, Sam Brummitt. Arriving early to the venue, I saw Sam lugging around hay bales, darting back and forth with different apparatus, where, considering it was near 30degrees, I was amazed at her stamina, as I myself had retreated into the shade.

“We hope to create an environment that is inspiring, rewarding and fun. The theme of this party was informal. We just wanted everyone to have a great evening.” Sam


Company Summer Party


Working tirelessly behind the scenes, the help and participation ranged across the business. The whole party felt homemade, in the best sense, how things are better when they’ve had the attention of care. The sweet jars, for example, were labelled with bespoke designs, the flowers home grown and arranged in hand made jars. This attention to detail created an organic and special feel. The quite complicated logistics of organisation: venue, catering, entertainment and accommodation, all smoothly went forward. Like the child’s story with the stone soup and how everyone contributed an ingredient, the Timico Summer Party had the contribution of many colleagues.

Others commented that their favourite moments included:

  1. Nick Smith from Customer Operations for his valiant goal keeping in the Human table football.
  2. The Bucking Bronco competition. Who knew that Timico had their own rodeo star?
  3. The mobile phone driven dance floor outside the club house, powered by Client Services & Service Management.

And for me? I was happy to be part of a company that cared about its colleagues… and knew how to throw a summer party! Though some stories are not fit for a work blog…

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We deliver Connectivity, UC&C, Cloud & Hosting, Security and IT Managed Service Solutions to our customers, through Service Operations based in Newark, Winnersh, Telford and London.

Jul 13, 2018

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