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Commercial Priorities

Technology and Security are driving forces behind any successful organisation, whether you're a growing start up or a long standing and established business. Technology allows you to succeed and take you into a digital world, where change can happen and there's no limit.

Managed services

Safe and secure infrastructure

Enabling and protecting your business to grow effectively, while reducing the risk of security threats with proactive security management as your digital landscape expands.

Talent empowerment

Attracting the
best people

Gaining and retaining talent is imperative, as without people, your business faces a lot more challenges. Enable and attract a talented workforce with a technology stack built for the future.

Cost saving

Lower costs, increase of efficiencies

Working smarter not harder, from anywhere, on any device. Agile set up, flexible working and enabling best practice whilst adding value and reducing cost.

For companies with a desire to grow and adapt to changing demands whilst keeping up with the competition, digital transformation through development of technology is a key factor in success. Timico is the one partner to trust who can identify your needs quickly, and help you find the best solution for your desired business outcomes.

Converged Managed Services for
Commercial Services

We offer solutions that allow you to improve your workforce productivity, improve efficiencies and increase the level of protection with proactive threat management.

Protect your business with red hot security

A breach in your security can cause expensive downtime, loss of customers and huge reputational damage, not to mention leaving your business exposed and vulnerable.

Expanding digital footprints and a skills deficit increase the security risk to any business, as the access surface grows. This is why proactive threat management is critical for businesses who desire a managed security solution if they do not have the in-house capability to monitor and protect their business infrastructure and digital landscape. Data breach fines imposed by GDPR can cost tens of thousands, if not millions, yet a solid secure network will cost a fraction of that.

Connectivity that suits you

In 2020, fast connectivity speeds and access to Wi-Fi is considered standard in the workplace. One size fits all is long gone, companies now want connectivity that suits their business needs, scaling up and down with demand or seasonal times.

Robust and reliable connectivity is at the heart of every business. Utilising our own private network and our strong strategic partnerships, our connectivity products and services provide you with reliable and resilient connectivity where and when you need it.

Collaborate & communicate

We know that when communication is at its most efficient, everyone is at their most productive. People work better when they collaborate; whether it's on a video call, sending an instant message, file sharing or working from the local coffee shop, an innovative unified communications solution enables this collaboration and flexible working.

Being able to offer flexible working, from home or on the road, means you can attract and retain talent, whilst keeping your workforce happy and productive. Flexible working can also help towards lowering your carbon footprint and reducing your overall costs.

Our capabilities



Timico’s expertise in networking technologies and services ranges from basic broadband connections to on-demand Ethernet and MPLS, through to the latest flexible SD-WAN solutions, to provide wide-area connectivity that is relevant, robust and right-sized for your business, today and tomorrow.

Timico’s network service capabilities extend down to your local-area and end-users, for both fixed and Wifi, to provide seamless and secure anytime-anywhere access to your digital-asset and information.


Unified Comms

Helping firms to satisfy client demands, meet employee expectations and prepare for the digital future, Timico’s practical experience and consultative approach to tailoring Unified Comms solutions provide the most efficient way to share knowledge, and together with integrated presence and awareness technologies facilitates a more flexible work-life balance for your staff.

With a pedigree in fixed and mobile communications, Hosted VoIP, and cloud-based Productivity tools, Timico’s unified and converged services enables your end-users to work and collaborate more effectively, where when and how they need. Whilst a joined-up systems approach fosters closer relationships with your clients and business partners, making the firm more efficient, more capable, more responsive and more profitable.

Cloud & Hosting

Cloud & Hosting

Timico provides a range of cloud and hosting solutions to support every step of your infrastructure journey at a pace and direction that suits you, from the support of your own on-premise or collocated equipment, through to the consumption of our managed hosting platforms and Public Cloud.

Timico’s own Datacentre facilities and investment in multi-site virtualised platforms, operated to ISO standards and best practices, offers a single provider solution with the right levels of protection, performance and flexibility to increase your agility and release your capital.

Managed Services

IT Managed Services

Timico delivers IT managed services so you can focus your resources on creating client value. Timico’s breadth of managed services capability extends from the end-user device right through to the Public Cloud, to offer a single point of contact for all IT services and support, delivered to industry best practice.

Timico’s personalised Service Management ensures benefits are realised and the service remains aligned with your requirements throughout the lifecycle, and our IT service catalogue approach provides predictable outcomes under a flexible commercial arrangement with variable opex-based charges.



As the number of millennials, gen X and gen Y employees increases within the workplace, they bring with them a new modern culture, easily adapting to Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) practices, and with a higher expectation and need for more devices and platforms used within the workforce, thereby increasing security challenges. As SaaS products such as Office 365 and shared services are increasingly adopted, protection of sensitive corporate information becomes imperative, and businesses need to have a cyber security strategy in place to monitor and mitigate cyber security risk. We empower our customers to enable such a digital model by securing applications and their data, regardless of device, whilst monitoring cloud security for user behaviour and data loss prevention.

Having a comprehensive and cost-effective end-to-end security strategy including monitoring and managing every device and visibility into SaaS applications, should be a high priority for any business looking to secure their business for successful growth.

Set your bar to a new standard

Partner performance management

Best in class partnerships

Strong relationships with a series of strategic partners enable us to provide you with a comprehensive range of business-enabling solutions, from consumption-based models through to full-managed infrastructure and aggregated cloud offerings.

Best of breed

Industry accreditations

Security and compliance are important factors of managed services. We encompass this into everything that we do. We focus our time on fulfilling your business requirements, seamlessly weaving in the security and compliance factors that are essential to the security and integrity of your business.

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