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Retail priorities

The way in which customers shop has changed dramatically in the last few months. Online shopping has become an even stronger focus with high competition but for those customers venturing out, retailers have had to adapt to a new social distancing and safe environment.

For many retailers, it is now a case of evolving digital solutions and systems to ensure a seamless customer experience.

Omnichannel offer

Provision of an
omnichannel offer

Delivering an integrated approach to commerce that provides shoppers with a unified experience across online and offline channels to increase sales.

Improving customer experience

Ensuring a seamless customer experience

We can help you provide a seamless customer experience across all engagement channels for the modern and digital customer.

Flexible tariffs

Effective cost

We'll help you manage costs and cloud consumption whilst improving performance and security that support your business applications, with the agility and flexibility you need for business growth and changes.

For retailers who need to stay one step ahead of the competition during a challenging period, we are the one partner to trust and will ensure you stay connected, productive and secure at all times.

Converged Managed Services for Retail

Timico’s breadth of Converged Managed Services and flexible commercial approach offers the right-sized and best-value partnership that evolves with your business.


The ease of a smartphone and online channels, means that customers want to be able to easily shop your brand at the click of a button 24/7/365.   

Our secure UK based Enterprise connectivity solutions and cloud-enabled hosting platforms provide continuous and on-demand simplified infrastructure to deliver a best-in-class omnichannel experience.


There has never been a better time to encourage more footfall to your physical stores but online and mobile will still play an important part in the customers' high street experience.

Our range of in-store Wi-Fi and location-based technology, complete with associated data capture and analytics capability, provides you with valuable insight that can be used to drive personalisation and loyalty.


Retail requirements and demand are always changing, when trying to align IT requirements but balance cost.

Our depth of IT expertise and breadth of converged managed services justifies consolidating suppliers so you can reduce the associated internal management overhead to help release capital and remove asset-based constraints.

Our capabilities



The world has changed and with it, so has where and how people shop. The intensified and demanding needs of the tech-savvy shopper, during a challenging period, has meant expectations have changed. All shopping channels need always be open and customers must be able to choose when, how and where they engage. 

Our network provides Managed Connectivity solutions to leading retailers (both solus and concession branches) across the UK and the globe, ranging from basic Broadband connections, to Ethernet services on-demand, right through to fully managed, innovative SD-WAN solutions providing an always-on, dynamic connection that will automatically select the best path for your network traffic. 

Our solutions also extend into in-store Wi-Fi and location-based technologies that can be delivered in a variety of ways to support a range of strategies from the provision to in-store colleagues of shop floor operations such as Mobile PoS, Omnichannel order management and stock checking. This can continue through to customer engagement such as the provision of WiFi to allow them to socially interact from within the store.


Unified Comms

One of the keys to success in the new world of digitally focused Multi-Channel Retailing is the ability to provide your geographically spread workforce with the tools necessary for them to communicate and collaborate in a way which is fast, reliable and secure.

Timico provides solutions that meet the diverse needs of a Retail environment to connect Head Offices, Warehouses, Stores and mobile colleagues in a modern technological but cost-effective way.

From hosted Voice-over-IP that delivers a reliable, secure and rapid deployment option for voice connectivity, to cloud-based Office 365 solutions our solutions can help facilitate efficient and effective workforce management by providing more innovative ways to deliver and support functions such as training, new staff induction and staff scheduling.

We can also help simplify and enhance your customer engagement by way of a single platform that can be used to manage multiple customer interactions and continuously improves customer experiences by providing omnichannel communications (such as audio, video, social media and instant messaging) coupled with deep insight reporting and advanced call management. One of the major benefits of this is the ability to service your customers in a much more responsive way without the need for additional headcount.

Cloud & Hosting

Cloud & Hosting

At the very heart of a modern-day retail strategy sits the use of data to drive action. Whilst the emergence of public cloud has brought with it the ability to utilise cutting-edge ‘as a service’ apps for certain functions, core business applications are still in the main more traditional (and legacy is still commonplace) which poses challenges for Retailers, both operationally and commercially.

Timico offers a range of Cloud and Hosting options which are designed for the rigours of the Retail industry to provide the optimum destination for your workloads either from our own Data Centre facilities or Remote Infrastructure Support for devices that for justifiable reasons may need to remain ‘on-premise’.

For either single or multi-tenant solutions, our investments in resilient and secure solutions enable you to take advantage of high-performance compute and storage platforms, protected by our range of backup and disaster recovery options. This is important when considering the growing threat of cyber-crime on the Retail industry.

Our IT Service Catalogue approach offers the ability to scale and flex requirement aligned with business demand which is a perfect fit for an industry so seasonal in nature, releasing capital and remove asset-based constraints. 

Managed Services

IT Managed Services

As an industry-recognised technology company that works in environments that require fast responses to constant change, we believe that the provision of Managed Services for retailers needs to support three key business drivers: ‘Service’, ‘Partnership’ and ‘Flexibility’.

Our objective is to deliver business benefit through the successful transition and effective ongoing support of your technology; driving change when it’s necessary, whilst maintaining the performance and reliability of your existing systems. 

Timico’s Managed Services have been designed to maintain a lower IT cost based and improved service levels for retailers, support a selective outsourcing strategy and includes our 24x7x365 UK based Service Desks. Alongside this, we have a wide range of other services from proactive monitoring and maintenance, Technical Services (remote and/or on-site), IT Project Management and Technology Consulting.



We understand the importance for providing a safe and secure for your customers. To provide a greater depth of experience, retailers are storing more and more personal data, but with that, comes a potential greater risk of cyber security attacks. The more consumer data that is stored because of the increasingly connected way of selling and the new technologies evolving in the market, the more appealing the prospect of hacking is to cyber criminals. 

The breadth of our security portfolio helps retailers to tackle such threats head on, reducing the risk of potential breaches whilst still succeeding with a secure omnichannel experience. We deliver leading technology and people for threat protection, detection and response and we can deliver secure and reliable connectivity and cloud solutions that enable digital transformation.

Set your bar to a new standard

Partner performance management

Best in class partnerships

Strong relationships with a series of strategic partners enable us to provide you with a comprehensive range of business-enabling solutions, from consumption-based models through to full-managed infrastructure and aggregated cloud offerings.

Best of breed

Industry accreditations

Security and compliance are important factors of managed services. We encompass this into everything that we do. We focus our time on fulfilling your business requirements, seamlessly weaving in the security and compliance factors that are essential to the security and integrity of your business.

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