Ethernet leased lines provide a fast, reliable, and secure network to link your locations. This makes it easier to share voice, video, email, and other key business applications between premises.

Timico offers

Ethernet technologies to meet your needs: EFM, EAD & EoFTTC

Low latency

Cloud Express Link for securely and reliably connecting your infrastructure to public cloud providers

Business Broadband

Broadband is vital for any modern business, so why not get uninterrupted connectivity and high-bandwidth with no hidden extras.

Timico offers

No disruption service, even in consumer peaks in traffic

Business-only network solutions

Security, Reliability & Flexibility

Broadband technologies to meet your needs: ADSL, FTTC & FTTP

Fibre Broadband (FTTC & FTTP)

With the ever increasing presence of bandwidth-hungry applications, businesses need to meet the ever growing requirements of business broadband. Fibre to the Cabinet and Fibre to the Premises technology offers the kind of performance previously only available via costly private data circuits, allowing even middle-market businesses to step up to the same level as their larger competitors.


Our business grade broadband ADSL is utilised by over 28,000 businesses in the UK. We ensure they have access to the fastest DSL connectivity solutions, fully supported by our proactive customer support. Additionally, our ASDL service is an integral part of our larger networking solutions such as PWAN – for customers looking to connect multiple sites.

Managed Networks


Enable your business to connect all your locations using broadband and Ethernet connectivity services, without the need to manage individual VPNs at each site.


Our software-defined WAN Service delivering best in class connectivity with centralised management. 


Reliable Timico LAN ensures you evolve with the demands of your employees and customers.

Wireless LAN

Our end-to-end wireless LAN unifies your PWAN, LAN, and wireless functionality in to a centralised secure deployment.

Network Management

Timico goes above and beyond to offer businesses the best possible network monitoring available. Now more than ever, it is business critical to have safe and secure connectivity. Our flexible architecture gives you the peace of mind that your uptime is maximised, while downtime is minimised.

We provide the intelligence at your fingertips to make more informed decisions, and take action based off the reactive needs of your business.

Managed performance

Optimised resource utilisation

Business service quality is achieved

Network Security

Timico recognises that networks face constantly evolving security threats. That is why we focus on adaptability, with the ability to continually update best practice and early warning sign systems to mitigate and limit any potential threats. Timico combines latest-generation CPUs, software and hardware, and expertise to configure your security infrastructure in advance to protect from sophisticated attacks without creating a bottleneck on your network.

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