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        • Connectivity
        • Connectivity solutions ranging from basic broadband connections, through to fully managed, innovative SD-WAN solutions providing an always-on, dynamic connection that will automatically select the best path for your network traffic.

        • Unified Comms
        • With a pedigree in fixed and mobile communications, cloud voice, and cloud-based Productivity tools, Timico’s unified and converged services enables your end-users to work and collaborate more effectively, where when and how they need.

        • Cloud & Hosting
        • Our leading edge cloud and data centre services range from simple Hosting and Data Protection right through to complex hybrid cloud deployments and Public Cloud solutions utilising Microsoft Azure, enabling you to focus on what you do best.

        • IT Managed Services
        • We deliver IT managed services so you can focus your resources on creating client value. Our capability extends from the end-user device right through to the Public Cloud, offering a single point of contact for all IT services and support.

        • Security
        • No matter what level of protection your business needs, we've got 1st class security management and applications at the ready - our job is to keep your business safe from unwanted threats and attacks.

        • Hospitality & Leisure
        • Helping hospitality & leisure brands and operators to increase brand loyalty and enhance guest experience digitalisation.

        • Professional & Financial Services
        • Helping professional & financial services firms to create client value and capture long term advantage, by enabling digitalisation and increasing return on talent.

        • Retail
        • Helping retailers increase lifetime value and enhance customer experience by supporting an omnichannel strategy.

        • Public Sector & Not For Profit
        • Enabling Public Sector & NFP organisations to increase their impact by embracing technology to create additional value, drive digital transformation and efficiencies.

        • Construction & Manufacturing
        • Enabling construction & manufacturing organisations the flexibility to connect and manage projects effectively.

        • Commercial
        • Enabling commercial organisations to succeed and take you into a digital world, where change can happen and there's no limit.

        • Strategic Partnerships
        • We have excellent relationships with a series of strategic partners that enable us to provide you with a comprehensive range of business-enabling solutions.

        • Our Commitments
        • We have grown rapidly over the past 15 years, and so has our commitment to implement and improve support for our colleagues, customers and our local community.

        • Compliance and Security
        • Security and compliance are important factors of managed services, that are absolutely essential to the security and integrity of your business.

        • Meet the Team
        • We have built a world class executive team that use their extensive experience across all sectors to inspire our team to drive the growth and success of our business.

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Enabling Public Sector & Not for Profit organisations to increase their impact and service their communities better by embracing technology to create additional value, drive digital transformation and efficiencies.

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The Public Sector & Not for Profit sector is becoming increasingly challenging and competitive to ensure that income from donations is maintained while ensuring that every drop of the donation is used wisely to help the organisation achieve its mission.

The challenge is often compounded through legacy paper processes, lack of investment, shrinking budgets a stretched and overworked workforce, Public Sector & Not for Profit organisations need to focus their efforts on several key areas.

Service perception

Deliver your mission

Helping NFP organisations get closer to their communities and deliver against their brand values.

Network consulting

Digital strategy

Enabling organisations to benefit from a digital rich world with a low cost of entry.

Integrated enterprise security


Helping customers to keep security at the heart of everything
they do while being agile and flexible.

For charities who need help with their digitalisation to provide a better experience for your local funders, Timico is the one Partner to Trust that understands your business.

Converged Managed Services for
Public Sector & Not for Profit

Timico’s breadth of Converged Managed Services and flexible commercial approach offers the right-sized and best-value partnership that evolves with your business.

Helping you to realise your mission with greater impact

Ever evolving government regulations mean it’s never been more important for NFP organisations to maximise their capital funding by driving efficiencies.

Through consumption-based IT models, Timico allows NFP organisations to take real control, maximising every pound spent and importantly reducing waste. With the experience of delivering flexible consumption-based IT models, organisations are able to use Opex rather than capital financing across Networking, Cloud services and Microsoft services thus benefitting from the latest platforms and software features.

Enabling you to extract the value and advantage from digital disruption

A consistent challenge for membership organisations and associations is recruiting new members and retaining existing ones. NFPs have to prove their value to members and prospects if they want to succeed in winning the trust and engagement of donors and beneficiaries to achieve their mission.

It’s imperative that NFP’s protect the highly valuable digital engagement and membership data. Timico is able to help NFP’s embrace new business models, being adopted in the other sectors to deploy intelligent managed networks and turn on data collection points across WIFI, websites, at events and venues to help drive loyalty and engagement with your target community.

Helping you provide a more secure and agile workforce

With an increase in data breaches the topic of security is on the agenda for most NFP boards. The NFP sector is one that has always had the challenge of providing secure access for a disparate, pressured workforce including home, mobile, volunteer and seasonal workers to allow the right level of access and control to be effective, efficient and feel part of the team.

Timico’s depth of IT expertise and breadth of converged managed services make them the perfect partner to offer a wholistic approach to access and security and to offer best of breed managed solutions to across the entire IT stack to including Microsoft, Mitel, Avaya, device management, hybrid data centre services.

Our capabilities



Timico’s expertise in networking technologies and services ranges from basic broadband connections to on-demand Ethernet and MPLS, through to the latest flexible SD-WAN solutions, to provide wide-area connectivity that is relevant, robust and right-sized for your business, today and tomorrow.

Timico’s network service capabilities can enable the capture of valuable data which when powered with analytics can deliver valuable insight that can be used to increase volunteer loyalty and ultimately support repeat donors.


Unified Comms

Charities must satisfy volunteer demands, meet employee expectations and prepare for the digital future donators have come to expect. Timico’s practical experience and consultative approach to tailoring Unified Comms solutions provides the most efficient way to share knowledge, and together with integrated Presence and Awareness technologies facilitating a more agile solution for your staff and fundraisers.

Timico’s experience spans from hosted Voice-over-IP that delivers a reliable, secure and rapid deployment option for voice connectivity, to cloud-based Office 365 solutions that contain features enabling employees and volunteers to work collaboratively across multiple sites. This joined up online approach connects employees and volunteers regardless of status to continue promoting the main mission of the charity.

Cloud & Hosting

Cloud & Hosting

Timico provides a range of Cloud and Hosting solutions to support every step of your infrastructure journey at a pace and direction that suits you, from the support of your own on-premise or collocated equipment, through to the consumption of our managed hosting platforms and Public Cloud.

Timico’s own Datacentre facilities and investment in multi-site virtualised platforms, operated to ISO standards and best practices, offers a single Provider solution with the right levels of protection, performance and flexibility to align with your business demand. Operationally this increases business agility and competitive advantage and commercially helps release capital and remove asset-based constraints – key for NFPs.

Managed Services

IT Managed Services

Timico delivers IT managed services so you can focus your competitive edge to ensure more per £1 donation reaches the cause. Timico’s breadth of managed services capability extends from the end-user device right through to the Public Cloud, to offer a single point of contact for all IT services and support, delivered to industry best practice allowing NFPs to focus on the important societal role they play.

Timico’s personalised Service Management and UK based 24x7x365 service desk ensure you only retain the non commoditised skills. Our expertise allows us to advise when change is needed whilst maintaining the performance and reliability of your existing infrastructure and systems.



Security within the not-for-profit (NFP) sector has sometimes not been a priority, through an accumulation of lower budgets, staff that aren’t experienced enough to deal with cyber security strategies, and overall less resource time available to concentrate on such tasks. This is becoming more important as NFP organisations seek to protect beneficiaries and their business from data breaches, whilst raising their brand awareness to attract funding. We help NFP businesses to operate in a safe and secure way, enabling you to deliver maximum value to your chosen efforts and ensuring volunteer and donator information is as secure as possible; whilst enabling social interactions to drive up the numbers of both.

At Timico, we also work with Public Sector bodies and their contracted suppliers as well as suppliers of Critical National Infrastructure; working with data levels up to HMG ‘Secret’ classification to ensure that all aspects of information security (confidentiality, integrity and availability) are inherent in their cloud strategies and are pro-actively monitored and protected.

Set your bar to a new standard

Partner performance management

Best in class partnerships

Strong relationships with a series of strategic partners enable us to provide you with a comprehensive range of business-enabling solutions, from consumption-based models through to full-managed infrastructure and aggregated cloud offerings.

Best of breed

Industry accreditations

Security and compliance are important factors of managed services. We encompass this into everything that we do. We focus our time on fulfilling your business requirements, seamlessly weaving in the security and compliance factors that are essential to the security and integrity of your business.

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