Not For Profit

Get more from your investment.


In for a penny, in for a pound.

As a not-for-profit organisation; your priority is making sure that each charitable donation or grant is being spent where it is needed most. Naturally, this involves looking at how to minimise costs and drive extra efficiencies through their systems and processes. But savvy organisations are also exploring how technology can create new revenue opportunities.

Making a difference.

With intense demand for funding, reduced return on investment, and a climate of cuts, Trustees are seeking smarter ways to manage where money is being spent for maximum output. Whether it’s adding extra features to encourage donations, easier ways for community fundraisers to share inspirational news or an improved working processes, charities are needing to utilise every means at their disposal to bring in the highest return.

Let’s get you more for less

Achieve More

Increase productivity and optimise operations to maximise your organisation’s efficiency.

Never Miss a Donation

Maintain water-tight routes of communication to ensure you never sacrifice a penny of donations.

Remain Flexible

Provide flexible, remote working capabilities for your remote staff and volunteers to ensure your organisation can fire on all cylinders without boundaries.

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