Established in 1777 in the heart of Dorset, Hall & Woodhouse is a seventh-generation, family-owned, and independent company leading the UK market in brewing and hospitality.

Charles Hall, a Dorset farmer, founded Hall & Woodhouse nearly 250 years ago, opening a Brewery in the village of Ansty. More than 60 years later, his son Robert apprenticed a young Edward Woodhouse who subsequently fell in love with Robert's daughter. When they married, Robert made Edward a partner in the business and Hall & Woodhouse was born.


The situation

Hall & Woodhouse’s ethos is to deliver warm hospitality to guests and make them feel at home.  Their Managed House estate covers the breadth of southern England, with pubs stretching from Devon to London, priding themselves on experience rather than price.

A truly values-led business, every member of the team is considered part of the family, and their pride in putting experience above all else is second to none.  Perhaps their most precious asset; one team working to provide a quality offering aimed at ‘making people’s day’. It is the heart of everything Hall & Woodhouse does.

Delivering such an experience is underpinned by technology. For example, to serve their award-winning Badger beer and high-quality seasonal food offer means having to take payments in a fast, safe and secure manner. Allowing their guests to enjoy a cold beer while scrolling through social media or catching up with the latest news or sports results means giving them access to WiFi – none of this can happen without technology.

The solution

Taking on a digital transformation project meant working together, in partnership; something that Timico are proud to have done since 2014. Face to face project planning, implementation and reviewing were vital, allowing two-way communication.

Timico has deployed connectivity into 55 Managed Houses, with more on the horizon. By undertaking this project, we've given Hall & Woodhouse the ability to run a digital Front of House, speeding up the time it takes to serve guests by implementing contactless payments and Apple Pay, making the process slicker and cleaner than the traditional handling of cash. The added connectivity means that stock control is simplified, giving a real-time view of purchases via a digital EPOS.

The risks

The most significant risk when refreshing the technology stack within a Managed House is the loss of service for an extended period, thus stopping trade and affecting the guest experience. The migration must be slick and well-managed. A standard template of deployment was created to avoid any unnecessary delays, giving engineers, team members and project teams the ability to spin up the capability quickly.

The result

Hall & Woodhouse is preparing for a new era of guest, one that demands fast WiFi speeds and requires the ability to be able to order goods and services at the touch of a button. All this while still providing their loyal regulars somewhere homely to enjoy a well-deserved pint. This is only the start of a massive digital transformation project, of which Timico is proud to be a part.

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