IT Transformation for the Leisure Industry

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Customer service is key to any successful restaurant, bar or hotel chain. Provide your hospitality staff with technology to offer superior guest service for repeat customers and positive reviews. Enable monitoring at every point of your hospitality operation and exceed the guest’s expectations.

Let’s get personal.

In the internet-dependant world, customers are carrying out research online before committing on where, and how, they spend their free time. Fine-diners, bar-drinkers, hotel guests and café regulars are increasingly reliant on the web to check availability, prices, deals, product information and reviews.

The use of digital, both in-branch and online, is allowing leisure chains to embark on new and exciting ways to offer customers a convenient, personal experience and build brand loyalty. In order to maximise on the digital wave, the leisure industry needs to employ the latest technology solutions to keep up with changing consumer preferences and increasing demands.

Serving up exceptional service

Never Miss a Booking

Utilise multiple routes of contact with responsive automation to ensure you never let a reservation or query slip through the net

Customer Experience

Enrich the customer experience by providing guest wi-fi whilst also gaining valuable insight into customer behaviour and waiting times to maximise efficiency

Analytical Answers

Use real-time visibility on factors such as guest foot traffic, dwell time, and repeat visits across multiple branches to make sharper, concise business decisions

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