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Shrinking budgets, doing more with less and keeping up with the latest technology to meet the demands of an increasingly connected population is a real challenge for the construction industry. Whilst manufacturing is rich in development, fuelled by investment and product innovation, the same core business priorities still exist.

Technology enables the construction and manufacturing industry to connect and manage projects effectively, providing the flexibility to respond rapidly when required and address challenges head on.


Improve operational efficiencies

Let technology set you off on the right track, whether it's starting with a green field site, expanding an established premise or making real-time product design decisions.

Secure connectivity

Guarding and protecting your crown jewels

Send and receive secure and sensitive data without the worry of it getting into the wrong hands.

Increase productivity

Remain competitive, despite the competition

Storing and managing increasing amounts of project and production-related data can be expensive.
Flexible and agile cloud infrastructure is critical to enable growth and to stay ahead of the competition.

Timico's products and services can help businesses like yours gain the competitive edge.

Converged Managed Services for
Construction & Manufacturing

We understand your needs and pain points and can help you take your business into the future.

Deliver on time and seamlessly

Rapid deployment of technology, such as 4G connectivity to a green field location can save you valuable time so you can maximise your operational efficiencies and send those all-important designs without delay.

Deploying site connectivity quickly or having a failover solution such as 4G, allows for sites and projects to continue to operate, saving valuable time and money.

Building a secure and resilient foundation

Reduce the risk of security threats when sharing large files, drawings and valuable IP across your IT environment.

Secure your business environment with secure and reliable connectivity, threat management and risk mitigation. Enable secure growth and business continuity as you connect more devices across your network, ensuring your employees are safe to collaborate freely.

A strong future with a robust supply chain

Cloud based infrastructure made for the next digital revolution.

Construction and Manufacturing rely on procurement of raw materials and connecting with customers and suppliers located both nationally and around the world. Enable your logistics teams to be agile and collaborative by basing systems in the cloud; tracking and tracing with resilience and flexibility.

Our capabilities



Timico’s expertise in networking technologies and services ranges from basic broadband connections to on-demand Ethernet and MPLS, through to the latest flexible SD-WAN solutions, to provide wide-area connectivity that is relevant, robust and right-sized for your business, today and tomorrow.

Timico’s network service capabilities extend down to your local-area and end-users, for both fixed and Wifi, to provide seamless and secure anytime-anywhere access to your digital-asset and information.


Unified Comms

Helping firms to satisfy client demands, meet employee expectations and prepare for the digital future, Timico’s practical experience and consultative approach to tailoring Unified Comms solutions provide the most efficient way to share knowledge, and together with integrated presence and awareness technologies facilitates a more flexible work-life balance for your staff.

With a pedigree in fixed and mobile communications, Hosted VoIP, and cloud-based Productivity tools, Timico’s unified and converged services enables your end-users to work and collaborate more effectively, where when and how they need. Whilst a joined-up systems approach fosters closer relationships with your clients and business partners, making the firm more efficient, more capable, more responsive and more profitable.

Cloud & Hosting

Cloud & Hosting

Timico provides a range of cloud and hosting solutions to support every step of your infrastructure journey at a pace and direction that suits you, from the support of your own on-premise or collocated equipment, through to the consumption of our managed hosting platforms and Public Cloud.

Timico’s own Datacentre facilities and investment in multi-site virtualised platforms, operated to ISO standards and best practices, offers a single provider solution with the right levels of protection, performance and flexibility to increase your agility and release your capital.

Managed Services

IT Managed Services

Timico delivers IT managed services so you can focus your resources on creating client value. Timico’s breadth of managed services capability extends from the end-user device right through to the Public Cloud, to offer a single point of contact for all IT services and support, delivered to industry best practice.

Timico’s personalised Service Management ensures benefits are realised and the service remains aligned with your requirements throughout the lifecycle, and our IT service catalogue approach provides predictable outcomes under a flexible commercial arrangement with variable opex-based charges.



In the construction industry, contractors rely on large amounts of data in design, structural models and plans to facilitate complex construction projects. Multiple projects, using many different applications, and hundreds if not thousands of workers entering data can provide plenty of potential doors of opportunity for cyber criminals to knock on. We'll help you secure your technology landscape from application through to end user, so you feel more secure about the reduction of cyber security risks in your business.

Many companies in the manufacturing sector have transformed into digital enterprises using innovative technologies; for example, the Internet of Things (IoT) is being used to ensure smooth and safe production lines, whilst added Artificial Intelligence creates informed analytics to help quality and robotics improve speed and efficiency, allowing re-investment into people.

This transformation, labelled Industry 4.0, has enabled improved manufacturing processes, supply chain management and innovative customer experience. However, this industrial revolution also brings many cyber threats. We offer businesses cyber threat protection and management solutions that enable safer, and more secure business growth, whilst complying with industry requirements.

Set your bar to a new standard

Partner performance management

Best in class partnerships

Strong relationships with a series of strategic partners enable us to provide you with a comprehensive range of business-enabling solutions, from consumption-based models through to full-managed infrastructure and aggregated cloud offerings.

Best of breed

Industry accreditations

Security and compliance are important factors of managed services. We encompass this into everything that we do. We focus our time on fulfilling your business requirements, seamlessly weaving in the security and compliance factors that are essential to the security and integrity of your business.

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