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Microsoft Teams Voice, along with the accompanying Office 365 tools, empower businesses to facilitate  a new way of remote working.  Many businesses across the UK were forced into a remote working environment in April 2020, due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Because of this, collaboration tool adoption within businesses continues to soar, as the benefits of such applications have been realised.

With a rich feature set, Microsoft Teams Voice is the next step in remote working. The tool has taken many business to new levels of productivity, allowing seamless integration into the world of unified communications.

Microsoft Teams is a step up from legacy platforms, which until now have thrived in the working world. Instead, it’s underpinned by improved resiliency and advanced features, enabling businesses to stay connected, productive and secure.

Microsoft Teams has fast become one of the most effective tools that businesses used to keep teams communicating throughout lockdown. The tool is the fastest growing application in Microsoft’s history. More than seventy-five million active daily users taking advantage of it worldwide during the COVID-19 pandemic in April 2020.

For many, without Microsoft Teams, employees would have faced huge collaboration challenges. Despite businesses now returning to the office, it is still the tool of choice for collaboration. From a click of a button, a quick question can be initiated with a colleague. Or, a group chat can be initiated if a wider input is required. With only another click, this can be turned into a video chat for multiple participants. Whiteboarding for brainstorming ideas or OneNote to capture actions, are all offered as a native plug-in.

Microsoft Teams enables collaboration and helps your business to increase productivity even further, all within a single application.

Success Factors 

One of Microsoft Teams key strengths is the intuitiveness. The layout is clean and simple, with additional functionalities, such as, highlighting personal availability and presence status.

Users can also download a mobile app, enabling teams to collaborate and respond to urgent matters on the move. Employees can navigate their working day, regardless of their location.

Microsoft Teams also provides a video conferencing capability, enabling users to communicate face to face, wherever they are.


Microsoft Teams Voice Advanced

Our Microsoft Teams Advanced package incorporates business telephony into the application. The all-in-one comms tool unifies calls, chats, meetings, emails, and calendars. Due to the integration with Outlook and Contacts, Microsoft Teams Voice enables employees to have direct access to their customers. This means businesses can continue to operate regardless of where their employees are.

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Access Anywhere

For the employee, Microsoft Teams Voice is a true extension of their office. But, for the organisation, the benefits go far beyond staff efficiency, simplified communication, and software integration. Microsoft Teams Voice can remove the need for complex in-house PBX-systems, and provides enterprise-level telephony functionality to businesses of all sizes. Should the move to cloud voice not have taken place yet, Microsoft Teams can also integrate traditional PBX solutions.

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Microsoft has taken features such as, call transfer, music on hold and cloud voicemail, along with group calls and hunt groups, and embedded them into the already familiar and intuitive Microsoft Teams platform, and yet the application is no more complex to use or manage than it was before.

Microsoft Teams Voice has retained the familiar and elegant admin centre of Microsoft Office 365. This means in-house IT administrators can navigate the platform’s centralised dashboard with ease, from Active Directory to adding or removing users.


Stress Free

The challenges of integrating a new telephony solution can be quite complex, however, we can remove one complexity by offering the ability to connect existing PBX solutions from another provider into the Teams Voice application.

Our Microsoft Teams solution uses Gamma’s SIP network, providing a robust entry-level voice solution for your business. By enabling PSTN breakout, new or existing, the integration can be easily managed and risks to existing systems can be minimalised.

Intelligent path control


When an organisation’s resiliency is discussed, much of the focus centres around Disaster Recovery; how fast can an organisation become operational after a power outage, or how fast will failover take place in the event of a network outage.

However, following the COVID-19 lockdown, many businesses are incorporating collaboration tools, such as Microsoft Teams Voice into their business resiliency plans to keep teams talking and working. The ability for businesses to operate with a remote workforce is now seen as a crucial element in business continuity, as much as having failover connectivity.

Why should you adopt Microsoft Teams Voice today? 

Microsoft Teams Voice enables teams to effectively communicate and collaborate and it has fast become an integral tool in a business’ resiliency plan.

For such resilience to be as effective as possible, an organisation must choose the right partner. It’s clear that a simple, effective, and versatile unified communications tool is key to ensuring an organisation stays connected, productive and secure. Choose a partner with the ability, the resource, and the credibility to see the project through from planning to operations.

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Timico’s Microsoft Gold Partner Status

We have been a Microsoft Gold Partner since 2014. Our team of highly-qualified engineers and solution designers undergo regular training and development to ensure we deliver the best practises from Microsoft and project experience.

We are proud of our Vendor Partnerships, and our longevity with Microsoft is testament to our commitment to delivering the highest level of service.

The improved functionality of SD-WAN over traditional WAN architecture has huge benefits. But SD-WAN offers so much more than functionality. SD-WAN provides accurate data that enables decision makers to steer the organisation towards greater efficiency, which in turn, reduces over-heads, increases productivity, and allows the business to flex to new challenges.

Microsoft Teams Voice summary

If you’re looking for scalable, enterprise-level telephony functionality, with reduced overheads, familiarity, that improves your team’s efficiency, then Microsoft Teams Voice could be the solution you need. With a team of Microsoft specialists ready to design, implement and manage your solution, Timico are the partner of choice.

The good news is that our sales team is ready to talk you through the solution in as much detail as you need, so you can make the right decision for your business.

Our aim is to keep our customers connected, productive, and secure.

Why Timico?

As a Microsoft Gold Partner, Timico are proud of our team of Microsoft specialists. From technical and design consultants through to certified Microsoft engineers, we offer a full design, implementation, and management package. Our expert consultants will work with you from the beginning to define, design and implement your telephony requirements.

After that, our 24 x 7 x 365 support teams will manage your solution so you don't have to.

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