Lockdown Tools for Teams

Discover optimised remote working with Teams Voice from Timico. Fast, effective deployments of Teams Voice available now. Keep your employees connected, productive and secure, despite another lockdown. 
If you’re looking for lockdown tools to enhance your remote working environment, with reduced overheads, and familiarity that improves your team’s efficiency, then Microsoft Teams Voice could be the solution you need. With a team of Microsoft specialists ready to design and implement your solution fast, Timico are the partner of choice. 

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Lockdown Tools Essentials

For some businesses, lockdown tools have been, and still are, essential for business continuity. Enabling remote working has been at the top of the agenda for a large portion of the year. When remote working is enabled, optimisation is often the next step. Office 365 has been instrumental in providing workforces with online access to company documents, either via SharePoint, email or any one of the tools available in the collaboration suite. Video calls via Microsoft Teams has, for many, been the only way colleagues can meet. Remote working is part of our lives now, and forward-thinking companies are adapting plans to encompass lockdown tools. Those businesses that are hoping for the effects of Covid-19 to pass, are leaving themselves open. 

However, as any IT Director or IT manager will know, bringing in new systems requires internal processes, decision-making, and cost. Ultimately, new systems require time, and that’s one thing that many businesses are short right now.  

Fast Deployment 

The good news is that Timico’s Microsoft Teams Voice offering can be deployed fast and efficiently by our team of Microsoft certified engineers. We understand that businesses need lockdown tools right now, but we also understand that implementing a new system requires planning, and that’s an important part of the process, no matter how streamlined the implementation. 

With a rich feature set, Microsoft Teams Voice is the next step in lockdown tools. The application has taken many businesses to new levels of productivity, allowing seamless integration into the world of unified communications. Microsoft Teams is a step up from legacy platforms, which until now, have thrived in the working world. Instead, it’s underpinned by improved resiliency and advanced features, enabling businesses to stay connected, productive and secure. 

One of Microsoft Teams key strengths is the intuitiveness. The layout is clean and simple, with additional functionalities, such as, highlighting personal availability and presence status. Users can also download a mobile app, enabling teams to collaborate and respond to urgent matters on the move. Employees can navigate their working day, regardless of their location.  

That intuitive nature and familiarity are all key to our ability to deliver Teams Voice packages and have businesses up and running fast. In some cases, there is no hardware requirement, users with the correct Microsoft licenses will find a dial pad in their Teams application, which by now, is often already second nature. 

Business as Usual 

We recently produced a whitepaper on our Teams Voice offering, which you can download for free, here. Or if you prefer, visit our webpage to get a deeper look at the lockdown tool that is enabling businesses to carry on as usual, all over the UK.  

By connecting your existing Microsoft 365 tenant to the telephone network via the cloud, the installation can even be hardware free.  

Of course, with all IT solutions any good IT Director must consider support. How will your employees raise support calls? How will you train your support staff? Timico has you covered. Our support team have been keeping our customers going for years. Another lockdown isn’t going to stop us from supporting our customers.  

The question is, will another lockdown damage your business? How resilient is your business right now? 

Talk to us today to see how we can guide your business to optimal resilience and flexibility, with Microsoft Teams Voice. 

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Nov 3, 2020

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