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ISDN is coming to the end of the line, what should your business do?

ISDN’s days are numbered, with BT having announced that from 2020, ISDN networks will not be purchasable, following plans to pull the plug on ISDN and PSTN circuits all together in 2025. Whilst this date may seem a long way off, forward-thinking businesses need to prioritise their migration to SIP technology to ensure they don’t get left behind.

Why is BT pulling the plug?

Technology has become faster, smarter and more agile since the initial days of ISDN and PSTN circuits. For this reason, a lot of businesses will have already swapped out their ISDN telephony for the latest and greatest technology on the market. From BT’s perspective, maintaining multiple legacy networks is burning a large hole in their pocket, so converging all of their services to one network opposed to several is much more cost effective.

What’s the replacement?

Enter SIP trunking… SIP trunking provides businesses with the ability to streamline their communication costs and resources. The ultimate benefit of SIP trunking removing the need physical phone lines, reducing costs and restrictions around call capacity and location.

What’s more, with the phone lines being virtual, users are able to benefit from greater flexibility of where and when they work, as the ability to make and take calls wherever they have an internet connection, opposed to legacy phone systems which rely on the presence of a physical ISDN line.

Not to mention a vast array of operational benefits:

  • Users are able to keep the same number, no matter where they are
  • Ensures business continuity and maximised uptime and better to deal with emergencies
  • Saves on costs call, call forwarding and connectivity costs
  • No need for costly ISDN maintenance
  • Offers a single connection for high quality voice and data services

What should your business do?

Although 2025 may seem a long way from now, 2020 will be fast approaching. So if your current ISDN/PSTN telephony contract is due for renewal within the next few years, now is the time to stat exploring the benefits of VoIP and SIP technologies.

With the right technology, you can future proof your company while also improving processes, performance and satisfaction. Timico are experts in SIP trunking, helping businesses across the UK to transform the way they communicate both internally and externally; enabling them to maximise their business efficiency, unlock cost savings, and improve the client experience.

Want to discover how SIP trunking can transform your business? Download our guide to SIP trunking here or get in touch to request a call to discuss your requirement.

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Apr 7, 2018

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