Computer Learning Month: The best resources for enhancing your computer skills 

Computer Skills Resources

To celebrate Computer Learning Month in October, we wanted to shed light on some of the best IT training courses and resources that have proved helpful to our employees in improving computer skills and expertise.  

What is Computer Learning Month? 

Whether we’re at work or enjoying a spot of online shopping, our lives are surrounded by computers and technology services 24/7. Computer Learning Month takes place across the whole of October, encouraging people to learn new computer skills and take advantage of the changing technology landscape. 

At Timico, we have always understood the importance of enhancing skills and talent. Therefore, each of our employees have access to training internally and externally, to ensure they are always delivering high-value, expert services at all times. Furthermore, our customers can benefit from our informative whitepapers and partnered webinars. 

computer learning monthOur recommendations for improving computer skills 

Microsoft free training 

As a Microsoft Gold Partner, we regularly take advantage of Microsoft’s free virtual training days. It doesn’t matter if you are Head of IT or a novice, each of the sessions are designed to enable organisations to achieve more through technology.  Currently, the training centres around Microsoft 365, Azure, Power Platform Fundamentals and Dynamic 365 Fundamentals, and can be accessed here. 

If you have just started using Microsoft Teams in 2020, you might find these free trainings and guides available from Microsoft useful for your end users.  

Timico’s whitepapers 

Equally important and informative are our whitepapers, which feature insight from leading technology experts. Topics include navigating the challenges of Covid-19, assessing your cyber security landscape, and staying connected, productive and secure with Microsoft TeamsIn essence, the whitepapers help readers learn about the best technology solutions for their businesses. 

LinkedIn Learning  

Those looking to enhance their computer skills can take advantage of LinkedIn’s online platform, LinkedIn Learning. Providing relevant knowledge and expertise to thrive in the digital community, there are over 16,000 online video tutorials available. Each course is led by leading world experts in technology and softwareYou can access the platform here.  

Fortinet’s Cybersecurity Training  

Our partner, Fortinet is offering IT and cyber security professionals free training courses until the end of 2020. Participants will be able to benefit from basic cyber security awareness training to advanced courses on security-driven networking. When completed, professionals will have the increased skills and expertise for defending their networks against cyber threats. Find out more here.  

Future Learn courses 

From learning why user experience is essential to exploring computer skills for work, Future Learn’s free online courses are for all levels of learning and expertise. Furthermore, some of the courses are aligned to support different industries and technology requirements. For instance, users working in retail can benefit from a course examining the impact digital technology is having on the sector, and what it means for customers. Find out more here. 

Reading material 

At Timico, we love a good book, especially when it helps us improve and enhance our technology expertise and business processes. One to consider is The Phoenix Project by Gene Kim, which gives readers invaluable insight into the benefits of digital transformation for businesses, particularly growth and transformation of IT operations for increased productivity. Our CTO, Martin Riley, and CSO, Scotty Morgan, both highly recommend both this book and the follow up bestseller by Gene Kim, The Unicorn Project, which is more related to DevSecOps and how we want to further enable our customers’ digital transformation. 

How we can help 

Whether you want to participate in free virtual classes or develop your skills and knowledge with a good book, there is something to suit everybody and their stage of learning.  

Additionally, at Timico, we are always keen to support our customers in any way we can, especially with adoption of technology solutions to enhance business. Therefore, if you need technological advice from any of our leading experts, just get in touch with us today and we would be more than happy to help. 


We deliver Connectivity, UC&C, Cloud & Hosting, Security and IT Managed Service Solutions to our customers, through Service Operations based in Newark, Winnersh, Telford and London.

Oct 20, 2020

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