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See how we helped Hobbs grow with the power of the Timico Platform

“It makes everyone’s lives so much easier. For example, our clothing and footwear design teams regularly create large files and can now store enormous scans and images without having to purge the system every couple of months.”

IT Director - Hobbs

Solutions for the mid-market

How do businesses shift their existing business models to access new digital ways of working, whilst serving their customers? Timico helps mid-market businesses that need to react to new and agile competitors, in order to stay relevant and digitalisation.


We'll be with you every step of the way to unlock your full business potential, by delivering the technology you deserve and championing your success and growth.


From the in-store experience to data driven decision making, Timico is helping retailers more to be more competitive than ever in the face of changing markets.


In hospitality, customers have increasingly higher expectations, and for over a decade we've been helping the sector maintain a competitive edge.

Professional Services

With our guidance, businesses feel the significant benefits of streamlining their processes, becoming more efficient, and driving growth in their organisation.

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