Public sector whitepaper: Technology trends in 2021

Technology, and its ability to transform the public sector has never been more apparent. In 2020 alone, it helped staff adapt to new ways of working and improved service delivery for hundreds of organisations, during an unpredictable and challenging time. 

Now, as we head towards 2021, organisations will start to put new digital strategies in place. As part of this move, there will be a shift in how public sector technology is utilised. 

A change in public sector technology 

During Covid-19organisations recognised the benefits of a reliable IT infrastructure, as they were required to implement IT services at a moment’s notice. In 2021, rather than adopting fast and reactive solutions, IT Directors will have a stronger focus on implementing long-term technology solutions in order to stay connected, productive and secure at all times. 

However, with a shift of this, we will also see the public sector assign greater IT budgets aimed at achieving optimal results and delivering public services. 

Timico’s latest whitepaper 

So, with new robust digital strategies and larger budgets in place, how will public sector organisations develop their IT infrastructure to their best advantage? 

In our latest public sector white paper, we examine the technological trends and solutions most likely to impact the sector and organisations next year.  

Public Sector technology 


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Dec 11, 2020

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