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The Importance of Agile and Adaptable IT Infrastructure

Agility is often the driving-adjective of most modern IT infrastructure projects. No organisation wants to spend on new solutions without the ability to be more responsive to the demands of their business. Nor do they want IT solutions built with a ‘one-size fits all’ approach. ...
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How Retail Wi-Fi Helps Deliver a Superior In-Store Experience

In an increasingly aggressive market, retailers are looking for the smaller ‘1% factors’ that will enable them to compete and beat competitors. The consensus seems to be that the retail store needs to evolve to be part of a different type of retail experience. Look ...
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The Future of Retail Technology

Retail businesses should be looking towards the future in regards to their technology aspirations as there is always space for new and innovative ideas. When retailers adopt new technology solutions, they will often be looking to benefit from streamlined business processes, increased efficiency, and smarter ...
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6 Tips For Getting Your Infrastructure Ready for Black Friday & Cyber Monday

In the lead up to the holidays, notorious Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals lure customers from all over the globe to big-name brands, in order to snag the best savings on their purchases for the festive period. For many customers, there is little appeal ...
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Collaboration: Sparking innovation to unlock your business’ full potential

In today’s highly competitive market, innovation has become the silver bullet to a company’s survival. It provides a unique spark in a world where erupting start-ups and expanding channels make turning a profit much more difficult to achieve. So how do we transition innovation from ...
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ISDN is coming to the end of the line, what should your business do?

ISDN’s days are numbered, with BT having announced that from 2020, ISDN networks will not be purchasable, following plans to pull the plug on ISDN and PSTN circuits all together in 2025. Whilst this date may seem a long way off, forward-thinking businesses need to ...
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