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You’ll Work 35% of Your Life: An MSPs Guide to Wellbeing

You’ll Work 35% of Your Life: An MSPs Guide to Wellbeing 

The average UK worker will spend 92,120 hours working over their lifetime (with mean age 18-67). Using a 76-year lifespan, this means that 35% of your waking life is spent at work. That 35% can either be spent on something you didn’t enjoy, or on something that has brought you joy, reward and accomplishment. This article will focus on how to improve wellbeing through, you guessed it, technology.   

When you think of ‘work life balance’ the chances are you think about less stress, more sleep and more healthy activities. But studies show that a happy worker is also a more productive worker. In fact, a study from the Corporate Executive Board found that people with a good work life balance work on average 21% harder than those who don’t. So, with that in mind, here are some #TimicoTips to improve the wellbeing of a business for a happier and more productive workforce.   

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Flexible Working  

For many a sense of freedom, trust and digital capabilities are essential. A recent study by Deloitte showed that 16.8 percent of Millennials evaluated their career opportunities by good work-life balance, followed by 13.4 percent who look for opportunities to progress and 11 percent who seek flexibility. And it’s not just millennials, remote working can provide essential support to parents, carers and those requiring travel. At Timico, we provide collaboration tools from basic connectivity solutions to the latest flexible SD WAN solutions that connects you to your workplace no matter your geographical location. By taking control of work patterns, employees will receive a boost to their work life balance.  

Collaboration Tools 

There’s a popular saying that fits nicely here: ‘teamwork makes the dream work’. Getting on well with colleagues can be the difference between #MondayBlues and #MondayMotivation. Working as a team provides essential benefits to both livelihood and the business. Here, collaboration tools become your best friend. With Skype for Business, communicating through IM and instant videos, whether singular or in conference, makes working with others easy. And with collaborative platforms like SharePoint your work can be accessed from a single destination, making it simple to collaborate effectively as a team. 

A manageable workload  

Did you know that stress at work accounts for 40% of work-related illness? The word ‘work’ has origins in Latin, laborare, which meant ‘to suffer’. But it should not be like this. Taking on a manageable workload can not only increase wellbeing but can also increase  performance. Beware of martyrdom addiction – or ‘I’ve got so much to do’. Here, it can be beneficial to employ AI and automation. At Timico we employ Johnny5, a Thoughtonomy virtual worker, Johnny helps complete one-person processes and reduce manual tasks by up to half, saving Timico an average 300 manual hours per month, allowing you to put your time to better use.   

Humans have a love/hate relationship with technology, the truth is that while our health has benefited from the technological advances of medicine, our wellbeing has also benefited from the technological advances in the workplace. By increasing the wellbeing of a business, a positive domino-effect will occur, resulting in happy staff and happy customers.

Timico provide converged managed services that enable work life balance through remote working, collaboration and AI capabilities to help staff and businesses realise their potential. Contact us now for more information.


Chris Ward

Content Specialist

Jan 29, 2019

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