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Warning Signs Your IT is Holding You Back

Warning Signs Your IT is Holding You Back

Digital transformation is talked about in every board meeting, seminar and I swear even my 5-year-old nephew had something to say. It’s relevant and it’s now. Knowing how, when and where to invest can be confusing. We’ve narrowed down what we believe paramount IT solutions to 3 categories, we’ve also included the potential symptoms of outdated IT and what a service provider can do for your business:

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Your Workplace 

Workplace drives efficiencies, without an optimal running infrastructure, you are sabotaging your potential. Symptoms of outdated workplace include:

Before: You have an ageing set of productivity software from multiple vendors.

After: One centrally-managed, secure and universally-accessible document management solution

Before: You have only voice and email support for customer interactions

After: An enterprise-wide instant messaging and team collaboration capability that additionally provides voice, video and screensharing

Before: Your employees are unable to access key systems remotely

After: All systems are accessible from any device and any location

Your Data

People say data is the new oil, it’s important that you’re making initiatives towards cloud hosting and data protection. Possible symptoms of outdated data hosting include:

 Before: An underfunded and ‘just enough’ approach to information security

After: A continuous, rapid and proactive update of information system security

Before: Your ability to scale is slow and constrained by ageing and complex technology

After: Adequate technology infrastructure can be taken for granted in the design of new digital initiatives

Before: Always scaling up means excessive capacity

After: Large volumes of user-generated and machine-generated data have no impact on systems performance

Your Connectivity

It’s essential that your systems are operational and networks are kept uninterrupted. Possible symptoms of outdated connectivity include:

Before: You have a diverse and varied supplier base

After: A simple architecture and single-supplier model

Before: You have obscure and complex commercial contracts

After: Simple, flexible commercial contracts for connectivity services

Before: You use dedicated floor space and utilities to accommodate connectivity hardware

After: Minimal physical space and minimal facilities are needed to support connectivity

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Chris Ward

Content Specialist

Sep 13, 2018

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