Transforming your business with 5G technology

We were recently delighted to sponsor and provide expertise for Insider Media’s online forum, 5G and the Superconnected City. 

At a time when we are faced with rapidly changing work environments, varying restrictions, and uncertainty around Covid-19, the virtual event identified how emerging technologies will have an important role to play in keeping businesses connected, productive and secure. It detailed how machine learning, big data, 5G technology, the Internet of Things and mass customisation will transform how we operate. 

The digital revolution  

Our Chief Digital Officer, Paul Farrelly was also a key speaker during the forum. He provided his expertise on 5G and the digital revolution. He detailed how 5G technology and intelligent connectivity can improve automation, drive real-time data and change the dynamics of applications delivered over mobile applications. 

Paul stated during the event: “What makes 5G exciting is that it’s not just mobile. It enables smart cities, artificial intelligence, autonomous vehicles and remote surgery. The technology can radically change a business but without having to set up complex systems.”  

Learn more about 5G technology 

Watch the video below to hear further expertise from Paul and the other key speakers. Alternatively, you can read in greater detail about the emergence of 5G and what it means for your business here.   

At Timico, we have been working closely with customers to advise them on how they can benefit from emerging technologies in 2021. If you would like to speak to us about how new technology can create scalable outcomes for your business, sign up for a free consultation today. 


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Dec 22, 2020

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