Timico invests in pioneering battery energy storage system

We are proud to announce that we have invested in a pioneering battery energy storage system (BESS), as part of our commitment to improving our sustainable and energy efficiency credentials. 

Partnering with Energy Optimisation Solutions (EOS), the lithium-ion battery system was installed at our head office and datacentre in Newark-on-Trent. Furthermore, the BESS is the first of three to be implemented, with our Telford and Newport datacentres receiving the BESS in early 2021. 

The Battery Energy Storage System 

At Timico, we have an ongoing commitment to improving our services and environmental footprint where possible. The robust battery will be an integral part of our operations, helping to unburden the power grid during peak times. It will also reduce grid network charges, helping to drive down long-term costs for our customers. 

The energy storage system is stored in its own self-containment unitsIn addition, it also has fully automated controls, a fire suppression system and self-cooling solutions. EOS will continue to monitor and operate the system, as part of our long-term service agreement and lease. 

Our environmental responsibilities  

Our CTO, Martin Riley, said: “Timico’s environmental responsibility will always be high on the agenda for us. As a result, we always strive to ensure that our systems and datacentres remain sustainable and as energy efficient as possible. 

“The latest investment in the BESS means that as an IT provider, we are leading the way in reducing our carbon footprint. In addition to providing a high-level and sustainable service to our customers, we are driving down the costs often associated with energy supply. We look forward to installing the battery system in Telford and Newport next year.” 

Peter Walker, Director at EOS, said: “We are really pleased to have completed this pathfinder project with Timico. They have been great to work with, embracing the incredible potential for energy storage on sites with high power consumption.”


We deliver Connectivity, UC&C, Cloud & Hosting, Security and IT Managed Service Solutions to our customers, through Service Operations based in Newark, Winnersh, Telford and London.

Nov 17, 2020

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