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A Timico Trip to Croatia and the Importance of Recognition

Sun, fine dining and Game of Thrones. Timico holiday winners take to Croatia.

Facing the Adriatic Sea, encircled by an ancient wall with the occasional croak of pelicans, the city of Dubrovnik sits with a dreamy air. It’s a melting pot of warm sand, turquoise water and rich history. Coined by Lord Byron as The Pearl of the Adriatic, Croatia’s sea-lit city was the perfect setting for Timico’s holiday extravaganza.

Proposed earlier in the year, the trip was a sales incentive trip to reward colleagues who had met their target or excelled in their field. Our awesome foursome included Adelle, Dinah, Miranda and Tracey.

Croatia Dubrovnik Timico Work Holiday

Studies have shown the benefits of incentives and rewards schemes, the driving force behind Croatia was no different. It’s so important to value staff effort, to keep morale and a sense of identity in a growing business. Looking at the pictures of Croatia, I’m struck mainly by a sense of friendship and team spirit, and that is the building block to any successful enterprise. It’s also something that Timico has in bucketfuls.

Highlights of the trip included a 7-course meal at the Michelin Star Restaurant Dubrovnik. I can only imagine that with each course the food became progressively tastier, like some culinary stairway to heaven. Croatian cuisine is renowned for its fish and seafood platters, soaked and grilled with olive oil, garlic and lemon. Just writing this is making me hungry…

The ladies stayed in a luxury hotel with a rooftop infinity pool overlooking the sea. It was the perfect relaxation point and opportunity to unwind.  During one of the days, the group took a catamaran boat trip to BOWA, a private island where the water is crystal clear and the wooden cabana huts offer a taste of untouched paradise.

BOWA croatia dubrovnik timico work party

Trips like Croatia are part of Timico’s commitment to staff well-being. Just this week we had staff mindfulness sessions in honour of mental health awareness week; it was really positive to see so many colleagues taking part. I shouldn’t be surprised though. Beyond IT services, we are first a human organisation. I’m very happy that recognition, socialising and camaraderie is very important to the Team Timico culture.

Croatia interesting facts: At 25 metres high and 6 metres wide, the Walls of Dubrovnik are considered one of the masterpieces of the Middle Ages and have never been breached. Also, the city’s sea-worn and beautiful aesthetic, combined with an intact old quarter, didn’t go unnoticed – and was chosen to portray King’s Landing in the HBO series Game of Thrones. You can also find here the oldest pharmacy in the world, founded in 1317.

Wall Dubrovnik Croatia Timico Work Party

The surrounding walls are considered a masterpiece of the Middle Ages and have never been breached.

In the evening, Dubrovnik transforms into a nocturnal hot-spot of bars and clubs. For some reason, everyone was a little vague when recounting the evening details. I’m sure they were enjoying fine conversation and a good book. Cough.

Showing that hard work truly pays off, Croatia was a fitting thank you to the hard work of these four ladies. Importantly, they grew not just as colleagues but also friends. Well deserved. And let’s look onward to the next adventure! Don’t forget to Croa-share this post 🙂

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Chris Ward

Content Specialist

Oct 11, 2018

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