The 3 best applications that will digitally transform your working world right now

Apps are used worldwide, whether that’s to play games, monitor your bank account, pay for groceries, order a curry or simply to text a friend – we use them all the time! With the average smartphone owner using a minimum of 30 apps per month¹, apps have become accountable for 90% of the time we spend on our phones; equating to two hours and 11 minutes per day².



Why do we need to use them?

We often use apps to seamlessly integrate our home life, so why are we not using them to their full potential in the workplace? As a business that delivers world-class managed service connectivity, workplace & cloud technology; we are passionate about all thing’s digital, and apps are a great way to digitally transform life at work by streamlining long and arduous tasks into quick, easy and interactive ways of working.

From the 2.2 million apps available to download³, we’ve whittled it down to the top 3 that could genuinely transform your working world, saving you precious time and money.

Revamp how you Project Manage with Trello

Gone are the days of sticky notes on whiteboards to divvy up projects as Trello is here. Using cloud-based technology, the highly visual tool enables you to operate your boards, lists and tasks from either your phone or desktop. All the while keeping your projects organised, the team informed and everyone working collaboratively.



If you need a system that enables you to allocate tasks quickly, then Trello is the tool to help; the ‘labelling’ feature allows you to colour code tasks on the board – giving your team the ability to immediately recognise whose task is who from a mere glance as well as filtering by person, giving you a quick view of which tasks are assigned to you personally.

Trello has transformed the way in which a project is delivered, it aids transparency, clear communication and collaboration.

Modernise your Finance processes with Scanner

Are you tired of the long walks to the office printer to scan in this week’s signed invoice? The app Scanner allows you take a picture of any document, save it as a PDF and send it to anyone in your email list at the touch of a button, while on the move – completely transforming the way in which documents are shared from a finance department.



Reduce costs to your Marketing budget with Canva

If you’re working with a small Marketing budget or starting up your own business, Canva is the perfect solution in creating inexpensive yet compelling content that could otherwise cost you a fortune in licensing fees. The cloud-based software is accessible from all devices and allows you to create pictures, videos and animations in half the time.



Canva has pre-set templates configured to the dimensions of every social media channel, making it an efficient, user-friendly and digitally transformed tool. Other templates include presentations, flyers, infographics, business cards and certificates; giving you the option to put all of these into your own brands colours for real personalisation.

Do your research to find the right apps for you

There are hundreds of useful apps that could digitally transform your world and to understand the apps that would benefit you and your business the most, research is recommended, so head to your app store today and start downloading!

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Sarah Kelly

Marketing Executive

Mar 4, 2020

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