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Building a Sustainable Future with Digital Transformation

Building a Sustainable Future with Digital Transformation

This is a turbulent time for our planet, and it’s highly possible the future of our species, and many others, will be decided by our actions over the next half century. It’s important we’re taking every initiative to be environmentally conscious, and this vital call-to-action must be shared by individuals and corporations alike. Here, the digital era will play a central role.

While the benefits of Cloud adoption are defined in terms of productivity, cost-saving and scalability – this article focuses on a different but urgent matter, how digital transformation can help the environment.

From swapping letters for emails, bank statements for apps, and books for eBooks (to name just a few) digital transformation is already playing a vital role in limiting paper waste. In offices, 45% of paper has a life-span of less than 1 day, and the UK will trudge through 12.5 million tonnes of paper, or 24% of total waste from the state. With office waste predicted to cost UK business 15bn a year, it’s important we investigate more eco-friendly methods.

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How We Play Our Part

Sustainable Air Cooling

Our Data Centres utilise Free Air Cooling, an environmentally friendly alternative to AirCon, whereby the machines are cooled via outside air. Using the efficient components of EC fans (70% more efficient than AC fans), inverter-driven pumps and centrifugal compressors, our Data Centres used cleaner energy to operate.

How does this benefit you?

Using the holistic benefits of Free Air Cooling, our energy consumption becomes dramatically reduced, allowing for an efficiency of service and running cost that can be passed down to you. A win for the customer and the environment.

Sustainable E-Waste

To combat E-Waste, and the lost potential value from reusing or recycling devices, the company has committed to WEEE, the Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment Directive, to recycle old tech. As a Premium Partner with Cisco we have the option to buy back old kit, recycle and resell – giving customers the option of buying refurbished kit.

How does this benefit you?

Using Cisco Buyback, we have the option to trade in devices, and use that trade in figure against the cost of your new kit. Not only does this promote good environment practice and recycle would-be E-Waste, it also contributes to further reduced cost for your business.

Helping You Help

It goes without saying that providing greener converged solutions will have a positive domino effect. It’s important that corporations align with environmentally sound practice, as this is a pressing shift of the near future. By powering your IT with a converged managed solution provider like Timico, you are making a proactive step towards a greener future.

To see how you can take a greener more digitalised approach to 2019, contact Team Timico now.

Tracey Peel

Solution Consultant

Jan 10, 2019

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