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Tenpin is one of the largest tenpin bowling brands in the United Kingdom, who have chosen Timico for their innovative WAN solution.

Tenpin had been providing their branches with connectivity via bonded DSL (broadband) for several years. Network security was also vital for Tenpin and so each site had its own hardware firewall.


Insights on Tenpin

As Tenpin expanded their business, offering a greater variety of services and activities from their 33 sites, demand for bandwidth grew. Bonding dual DSL lines had been unreliable, not delivering the bandwidth that was expected. Leased line or EFM connectivity was too expensive for Tenpin’s IT department and so an alternative solution was required.

Much like Tenpin’s previous solution Timico employed dual bonded DSL to link each of Tenpin’s sites, the only difference being that Timico used ViBE technology to bond the dual DSL lines into a single resilient link. Unlike other bonding technologies in the marketplace, ViBE is able to bond almost all the available bandwidth over multiple links, meaning that Tenpin was able to utilise all the bandwidth they were paying for. ViBE also manages the varying nature of ADSL better than other bonding technologies available.

Tenpin had originally installed a hardware firewall at each of its 33 sites. Maintaining and updating 33 remote firewalls was proving costly in both time and money. Timico’s managed network solution removed the need for a firewall on every site. Instead, a central firewall solution provided the security for every branch. VPN tunnels gave a secure route in and out of Timico’s MPLS core for each of Tenpin’s 33 sites. Three firewalls hosted within Timico’s MPLS core provide resilient security and connectivity. A central security architecture also makes it quick and easy for Tenpin to add or remove sites from their network as the business requires.

Solutions for Tenpin

Employing a ViBE based solution also offered a key advantage for Tenpin: “The ViBE routers used by Timico, offer a much lower install cost, compared to anything else we looked at. A low install setup was our main aim when looking for a new WAN provider” said Roy Whitmore, IT Technical Project Manager at Tenpin. ViBE routers also gave Tenpin’s IT department the ability to prioritise certain types of data traffic over their network meaning business-critical data (POS for example) was always given priority.

Timico’s complete managed network solution reduced Tenpin’s network spend by 54% and significantly reduced the company’s entire operating costs. Timico’s solution also puts Tenpin in a good position to reduce its operating costs further should they wish to make the move to IP telephony. ViBE technology has effectively made Tenpin’s network VoIP enabled. Should Tenpin wish to migrate to IP telephony they will require little or almost no increase in their bandwidth requirements. “At some point in the near future Tenpin will be looking to deploy IP telephony across the business, it’s good to know that we have a cost-effective network that will be able to handle a VoIP system,” added Roy.

While cost was a key factor in Tenpin’s requirements a painless and quick migration was also vital. Timico’s project management and delivery team were able to ensure a pain-free install; “Timico managed the whole project in a professional manner, from ordering lines, providing equipment and offering technical support. I was informed and updated throughout the entire roll-out by the team at Timico,” finished Roy.

Insights from Roy Whitemore, IT Technical Projects Manager, Tenpin Ltd.

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