A world-class hotel requires world-class internet connectivity, and so The Savoy chose Timico to provide the solutions.

A British icon since 1889, The Savoy in London is a famous world-class hotel. Its 268 guestrooms provide the ultimate in luxury and comfort including the technology that is required by today’s traveller.


“Our guests expect to be able to check email, browse the web and make voice and video calls over the internet from their rooms. Our job is to provide the best possible service during their stay, so that needs to include a robust internet connection which can be relied on to deliver a very high quality of connectivity,” says Tim Clough, Director of IT for The Savoy.

A 200Mb Ethernet leased line running on a 1 GB bearer provided and maintained by Timico ensures that The Savoy’s 268 guestrooms have the type of internet connectivity expected of a world-class hotel. This was not always the case as Tim Clough explains.

Exceptional Solutions

“One of my remits when I became Director of IT was to replace the old, slow internet connection with the best possible solution in terms of speed and service. I did a lot of research looking for something leading edge with a good company history, performance and future vision.

Timico consistently stayed at the top of my first full list, then my short list and I am confident they are the best technology partner for us," says Tim.

In addition to its guestrooms, The Savoy also has 12 meeting rooms, which are often used for media events as well as business meetings. The Timico internet connection means that live broadcasts, telephone and video conferencing all run smoothly.

"We demand a lot from the internet connection we provide for our guests and we consider that we offer one of the best in London," says Tim Clough.

"I have found that if a service is just adequate, people don’t mention it but when a service is exceptional then they do and we have had some very positive comments. One guest, who travels the world on business, told us it was one of the best connections he had ever used."

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