With 175 years of history, The Royal Society of Chemistry is the oldest chemical society in the world. Granted a Royal Charter by Queen Victoria in 1848, their mission then was the same as it is today – to advance excellence in the chemical sciences.

With 54,000 members spanning the globe, The Royal Society of Chemistry is an internationally renowned not-for-profit publishing and knowledge business and has a reputation as an influential champion.

Royal Society of Chemistry

The Situation

The Royal Society of Chemistry’s (RSC) previous local area network (LAN) infrastructure was inhibiting the business from operating at maximum capacity because it was significantly outdated and not fit-for-purpose. The infrastructure lacked support and maintenance contracts and consisted of a range of different makes and models of switches and firmware. This led to significant reliability issues, and a disorganised LAN infrastructure. In addition, the internal skillset required to manage and maintain the infrastructure was rapidly diminishing. With their internal backbone in a state of chaos, it was now time to re-evaluate their IT Management and underpinning infrastructure.

The Solution

Timico having already built up trust through delivering their WAN, Mobile, UC and private cloud solution, were then asked to engage on a Managed LAN solution which better enables RSC with an extremely organised LAN infrastructure that underpins their business operation, and allows for clarity when it comes to expenditure and resourcing. This updated infrastructure also positions the RSC as a leader at the forefront of innovation within the chemistry society, by fulfilling their digital strategy.

The first step of the solution was a thorough audit of the RSC’s existing LAN infrastructure. The resulting recommendations made were closely aligned to the RSC’s strategies and objectives, allowing for the mitigation of the risks associated with the LAN network, and providing an opportunity for the RSC to focus more on specific business objectives within their technical remit.

Employing Timico as a converged managed services provider, and advisor, to maintain its LAN infrastructure meant that the RSC could benefit from a clearly defined infrastructure with predictable overheads, achievable and transparent KPIs, a cohesive service level agreement (SLA) and outlined demarcation lines.

Timico and the RSC’s strong partnership, which had been developed over a number of years proved pivotal during this transformation, allowing Timico to accurately highlight risks involved and mitigating activities required for the project to go ahead. Timico are a key enabler to RSC’s success, working hand in hand with RSC to define their cloud strategy, transforming their IT infrastructure and services to become a business enabler and providing agile, flexible and scalable solutions, creating powerful synergies between their IT and business strategy.

The Result

With a new clearly defined network model in which can be built upon and feasible for growth, the RSC is now able to work in a much more cohesive, time and cost-effective manner. A move into the cloud has allowed for consolidation, rationalisation and overall giving them a tailored managed service.

The RSC team can plan more effectively for the future with the increased visibility of potential risks and problems earlier in the process, thereby enabling them to save time and money by proactively managing any issues that may arise. Not only are the RSC’s internal teams more efficient, but the service they provide is more collaborative and reliable for external users.

Working with Timico on their infrastructure has drawn on the RSC’s digital transformation strategy and resulted in a cohesive and scalable network infrastructure that supports its digital ambitions, one that puts them in the forefront of innovation within the chemistry society.

It also helped to develop other key projects such as W-FI, CCTV, a migration to Microsoft OneDrive and Exchange and an analysis of their corporate infrastructure estate.

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