Founded in 2003 and based in the UK and France; Roxel designs, develops, manufactures and sells solid propulsion systems and related equipment for all types of rockets and tactical and cruise missiles for air, sea and ground forces. Once part of BAE Systems, Roxel were the workforce behind building mortars and bullets for the UK in World War II.

Roxel is the European leader, owning 60% of the market in tactical propulsion systems and the third largest in the world. They have been working in partnership with Timico since 2006, having come across as part of an acquisition into the Timico Group.


The Situation

When Roxel contracted for their original infrastructure, it was less than 20 physical servers with local storage and at the time, they also self-managed around 150 desktops run by support staff inhouse, some of whom have worked for the company for 20+ years. The solution worked for a while, but it was clear that it was unsustainable for growth; moves, adds and changes on a desk support level were heavily restricted, every change was chargeable at either a ‘per transaction’ level or formed into a larger project, something that was neither cost affective nor best use of time. They needed a company that was flexible, dynamic and understood their needs, putting them at the forefront.

The Solution

Timico created a solution that would take Roxel into the future; a contract that allowed them to have a more flexible way of managing their desktop estate and infrastructure. No longer did they have spiralling costs to do the simplest of changes, instead they have flexibility and a hold on their spend. This now means they have the budget to invest in the technology of the future and the ability to concentrate on developing their IT estate. The partnership with Timico has enabled them to have open and honest dialogue, mainly driven by the strong relationship with the account and service team which has developed over the years; they know exactly how Roxel works, what their needs are and where they want to go in the future.

The Risks

Moving to a new provider is never an easy task but it’s made easier, knowing that the new way of working is going to ultimately improve the future of your IT; getting value and consuming more for less was pivotal. The risk is that you’re left within the same constraints as before, but thankfully the move to Timico was a success, removing barriers and paving the way for a new way of working.

The Result

Phil Mock, ICT & Security Manager, explained that being in partnership with Timico has been a positive one, Timico understands Roxel’s needs entirely. Contracted staff are based on-site, which gives greater depth of knowledge and creates slicker processes and turn around – “Timico are bigger enough to serve, but small enough to care”.

So, where does the future lie? The successful & trusted working relationship between the 2 organisations means that the future of Roxel’s IT infrastructure is one of growth, developing a strong strategic roadmap and keeping up with market trends. Security is a hot topic for 2020 and an area very much on Roxel’s radar; their business is compliance heavy and the way they store their data needs to be safe and secure, so Timico are very much looking forward to continuing their joint success over the coming years.

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