Timico updated and modernised Rotheras Solictors’ IT infrastructure, by providing MPLS connectivity and firewall solutions.

Rotheras Solicitors, which has a head office in Nottingham, has been providing high-quality legal advice for over 200 years. Operating across five locations, the firm has a team of 110 employees, providing personal and business legal services across the UK.


Technology is rapidly transforming our ways of working. Rotheras Solicitors is embracing digital transformation to ensure employees remain connected, productive and secure.

A modern MPLS solution

Rotheras Solicitors’ previous MPLS (Multi-Protocol Label Switching) solution was prone to issues resulting in bandwidth and connectivity usage challenges. This created a knock-on effect when employees were remote working. The technical capabilities from the previous supplier was also limited and hindering, due to an outdated hardware system.

The firm needed a modernised and effective solution quickly. Therefore, in October 2019, they went out to tender, selecting Timico as its preferred IT Managed Services Provider. The businesses have since built a successful working relationship, with Timico providing both MPLS and firewall solutions.

The MPLS IT solution was vital in speeding up and shaping the firm’s traffic flows across the network and all five offices. While proving to be cost-effective, it also helped avoid poor connections and network disruption. This ensured all 110 employees could work productively anywhere and at any time.

Rotheras Solicitors also handled sensitive and confidential data. Therefore, a reliable firewall solution was implemented to avoid unwanted cyber-threats when online.

During the switchover, Timico was key in avoiding any disruption to the business. The team managed the process efficiently, speaking regularly to Rotheras Solicitors’ previous supplier.

Seeing success

The visibility of Rotheras Solicitors’ bandwidth usage proved pivotal during Covid-19 lockdown. It identified if employees were reaching full bandwidth capacity whilst remote working, avoiding issues further down the line. Additionally, office systems, such as printers, were no longer slow moving, freeing up employees’ time.

Rotheras Solicitors had previously faced concerns installing a new cloud-based phone system, as the firm was unsure it had enough bandwidth available. However, with increased visibility and reliability, the firm had the assurance they needed to invest in new phone capabilities earlier this year.

Moving forward, the firm now has the capability to continue a hybrid way of working, post-Covid-19. The team is also looking at evolving its digital transformation strategy in the near future, working with Timico when it does.

Pete Davies-Yates, Head of IT at Rotheras Solicitors, said: “The Timico team has been exceptionally helpful and the technical expertise and support is above and beyond anything we expected.

“Any incidents we had, the team took ownership and were able to steer us towards a quick resolution. Knowing that we have access to a capable and competent team has given us peace of mind. Now, it just feels like Timico is an extension of our team.”

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