Timico and Motor Fuel Group – working together to future-proof fuel delivery and driver satisfaction.

Converged managed services platform Timico has been working with Motor Fuel Group (MFG) – the largest independent forecourt operator in the UK – for over seven years. MFG has over 370 stations, operating under BP, Shell, Texaco and JET fuel – and continually makes improvements and updates to its forecourts, in order to increase and introduce efficiencies.

Motor Fuel Group


When the company came up with a new initiative that it wanted implementing – removing its old and unused telecommunications lines at each forecourt, to be replaced by one central, ACL connection – it turned to Timico once again.

MFG’s vision for this new line is to universally connect each forecourt’s communications, wi-fi, back office and card payments, both at the pumps and at the in-store registers. This will help result in significant cost reductions for MFG, as the operator won’t have to maintain as many lines as before.

In addition, with Timico in charge of monitoring the lines, MFG will have a single point of contact, meaning that staff don’t have to go through multiple steps to resolve any issues if a line is affected. This proactive monitoring will be a major step in ensuring that forecourt branches run smoothly, and in minimising any communication interruptions to payments or to the pumps.
Once completed, issues will be identified and corrected much quicker – ensuring smoother running garages.

The ‘why’ – and wi-fi

This new system will also facilitate a much higher level of customer experience – allowing MFG-owned forecourts to stay ahead of the competition. This is where the future of forecourts lies; for petrol stations to create a great customer experience for all who visit them. No longer are petrol stations simply somewhere to put fuel into vehicles, but also somewhere for consumers to find refreshments and other amenities. Where there is a variety of local petrol stations for consumers and drivers to choose from, customer service will become a differentiator.

Forecourts are now transforming into places – even ‘destination stations’ – where people can take advantage of a variety of food and drink, to enjoy in designated eating areas. They’re also becoming locations for drivers to link-up with friends and family – and to connect to wi-fi, whilst they sit and enjoy their stay. This is becoming an expectation for consumers across the UK – and something that MFG is committed to providing.

Providing customer wi-fi is a win-win for both the drivers and MFG – as when customers use a forecourt network, it enables the firm to identify what offers and products its customers are interacting with most. This data, in turn, enables the formulation of focused marketing plans and helps maximise campaign success.

Better lines mean less back-office time

When communication lines are more streamlined and effective, and forecourts can be run much more smoothly, this will equate to less time being spent in the back office by staff. In turn, this will allow staff to spend more time on the shop floor, to deliver a superior customer experience compared to before – which will play a key part in increasing forecourt footfall.

The project is currently starting, and the first stage of the work is for Timico to carry out a thorough audit of MFG’s forecourts, starting with 100 stations. This will eventually extend to all MFG’s 374 sites. Once the auditing has been completed, the lines will be replaced by singular ACL connections. Timico will then monitor all lines to ensure that connectivity is maintained and upheld across all of MFG’s locations. The scope of work is due to be completed by the start of 2020.

The future of the relationship

During the seven years the companies have worked together, Timico and MFG have established a valued and reliable working relationship.

Paresh Patel, IT director at MFG Group, says: “We know this project is crucial to ensuring our forecourts are staying ahead of the curve and offering customers, both existing and new, top-class customer service. Timico has proven time and time again that it is reliable, trustworthy and delivers a great service. We didn’t hesitate at all when it came to working with the team there to deliver this project. The benefits it will enable us to provide our petrol stations in terms of improving customer service, increasing footfall and staying ahead of the competition, are huge.”

Andy Fox, Director of Solution Specialists at Timico, comments: “We have enjoyed working with MFG in the past to help them continually improve the branches they run, and to streamline processes across all of their sites. We look forward to this next phase in our working relationship.”

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