Las Iguanas is the latest brand to join Casual Dining Group. Known for its authentic and fresh South American dishes and range of premium cocktails, the vibrant restaurant brand started small in Bristol in 1990 and has become something of a national icon, with sites located from Aberdeen to Plymouth.

Carefully developed over 25 years, Las Iguanas has almost 50 Latin American restaurants, which are popular with young professionals, and the perfect place for friends or families to meet, celebrate and enjoy a taste of Latin life.

Las Iguanas

The Situation

Casual Dining Group Ltd (CDG) acquired the Las Iguanas business in 2015 with a view to integrating the brand and associated systems into the existing CDG infrastructure. The 25sevenIT team (25SevenIT was acquired in 2018 by Timico) were tasked with reviewing the IT systems deployment at Las Iguanas and migrating all users, mailboxes and business applications onto the CDG platform.

The 25sevenIT team needed to complete a seamless migration of existing business processes, user accounts and mailboxes to the target environment. Without any software or migration platform available to complete the task, 25sevenIT were required to build a process for integrating all elements of the current Las Iguanas infrastructure into the CDG environment.

The challenge in developing the solution was in having two disparate systems supporting separate business processes, users and mail flow.

The issues encountered centred on the need for creating a seamless migration process, whereby users remained productive and business processes, reliant on user accounts or mailboxes, continued to operate during the migration phase.

The Solution

The solution for seamlessly migrating user accounts between environments used trial and error to develop a scripted technique, whilst maintaining the expected user access and experience throughout the process.

DOS batch processes were built upon to complete user profile file transfers from source to target, with the appropriate translation for all path variables.

The solution for integrating business processes took into account the known data diagram and workflows, and created a replica on the target file system to support the key migration dates. DOS batch processing scripts were created to manipulate file transfers and support the input and output of data files between Las Iguanas and CDG platforms.

The Result

A process was developed to support cross-platform workflows between domain environments. Users and associated mailboxes, supporting line of business applications were able to seamlessly migrate between two distinct platforms without interruption to either user connectivity or data workflows.

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