JATO Dynamics Ltd is a global supplier of automotive business intelligence. Customers rely on the seamless integration of JATO’s solutions, as well as its insights, analysis, data and specifications, to drive sales, reduce errors and support business effort and investment.

JATO has been working in partnership with Timico since 2013 and currently provides IT solutions for its employees at its headquarters in Uxbridge, London.


A reliable and flexible telephony solution was required

When the UK entered lockdown in March 2020, JATO’s employees, like hundreds of other businesses across the country, were required to work from home. It was immediately clear that the supplier’s ageing, legacy telephony system was no longer fit for purpose, as it relied heavily on the team being in the office. It was also incapable of scaling and did not support new software releases, which could leave the business open to vulnerabilities.

Following a review of the current phone system in March, JATO started identifying the most appropriate telephony solution, which could be deployed to all offices and users. They also explored the most suitable IT provider to help implement a new solution.

Implementing a Mitel Cloud solution with MiCloud Flex

Timico supported JATO in conducting and deploying a proof of concept, which in turn highlighted the capabilities of implementing Mitel’s phone solution, MiCloud Flex. It reduces the need for hardware requirements and can be run across any browser.

The solution is also a fully managed service, meaning that back-end configuration is completely supported and monitored by Timico. This allows JATO to focus on business delivery rather than additional technology requirements. When reviewing IT providers back in March, the fully managed service capability provided Timico with a competitive edge. Other providers required JATO to manage certain aspects of the platform themselves, which was unviable for them as a business. With the support of Timico, JATO was also able to migrate all head office phone numbers and DDI numbers onto the MiCloud Flex platform, hosted by Google Cloud Provider.

The ability for MiCloud Flex to integrate seamlessly with Microsoft Teams was a key enabler and differentiator for JATO as well, as its employees were already well versed in the use of Microsoft Teams. Therefore, by integrating the two solutions, JATO benefitted from significant cost-savings as its employees did not need to undergo training to learn a new system. JATO also had Microsoft E5 licences for all its employees in place already, which meant there would be no additional licensing fees.

Since its implementation, MiCloud Flex has provided complete location independence for JATO, enabling any user to make and receive phone calls regardless of location from their dedicated business phone number. JATO has also benefitted from complete flexibility, productivity and high-quality calls.

Looking ahead on a global scale

Moving forward, JATO is looking to fully scale the MiCloud Flex solution. With 14 global offices each currently using individual on-premise telephony solutions, JATO is looking to migrate them all to MiCloud Flex with the support of Timico. The ability for the solution to integrate seamlessly with Microsoft Teams means that the process will be easier and quicker than many other telephony solutions.

The move to MiCloud Flex on an international level will remove any on-premise dependency, whilst delivering complete flexibility globally and significant long-term cost-savings. Germany will be the first office outside the UK to move onto the platform, with migration expected to take place in 2021.

Ian Noble, Head of Technical Services, at Jato Dynamics Ltd said: “Timico is a partner who understands our business requirements and the technical solutions available to us. The team works in close partnership with us to ensure that JATO’s needs are always met and reflected in technology solutions.”

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