A well-known global brand, Honda UK is one of the world’s most prominent car and motorcycle manufacturers. Timico provides Honda UK with managed homeworker, PWAN and SIP Trunks solutions to keep its head office, teleworkers, and dealers connected.

Honda, one of the world’s largest car and motorcycle manufacturers, chose Timico to further strengthen its teleworker and car dealer networks.


Firstly Honda wanted a managed homeworker solution comprising a broadband and analogue line to give each of its 160 teleworkers a more secure and flexible approach to how and where they work. The next phase of the project involved migrating Honda’s dealer Wide Area Network onto Timico’s fully managed IP VPN Private Wide Area Network (PWAN) with a fully managed ADSL connection and Cisco router at each of the 135 dealer sites. Timico also provided Honda with a secure, easy to access, fully branded bespoke customer portal to enable staff to internally manage processes online.


“Combining our line rental and broadband services as part of Timico’s managed homeworker solution has helped us significantly reduce our costs. The new routers enable all our teleworkers to connect wirelessly at home, giving them access to all our systems so they can work as effectively as they do in the office, and by working at home they are helping to cut our travel costs too. Also if any of our teleworkers were to move house, the routers are portable making the solution an environmentally friendly initiative and providing us with an additional cost saving. Timico has also agreed that all our teleworker connections will be automatically migrated to the faster ADSL 2+ service as soon as it becomes available in each area. This is a fantastic additional benefit and one of many reasons why we chose to partner with Timico for this project,” says Paul Kidd, Business Continuity and Infrastructure Implementation Manager at Honda (UK).


With Timico, Honda now benefits from IP VPN connectivity, centrally hosted and managed resilient firewalls, proactive network monitoring and reporting, 24/7 technical support, plus management and configuration of its existing Cisco hardware. All of Timico’s field-based engineers have an in-depth knowledge of Cisco hardware and were able to visit sites and successfully reconfigure all the existing hardware at Honda’s dealerships throughout the UK – another key consideration for Honda when choosing a network partner.

The Wide Area Network links each of Honda’s dealership sites directly to Timico’s core network using a hub and spoke design. This now means that each location benefits from higher bandwidth and each site has a clearer link into the Timico MPLS cloud, which is securely and privately partitioned away from any general internet traffic. All internet bound traffic now travels via their data centre, helping to reduce overheads and avoid ‘tromboning’ across other links into a central services site.

“We chose Timico because they were competitive in their pricing, and represented a significant change in our technology for our teleworker community and car dealers. Timico’s professional approach and “can do” attitude is a world apart from our previous supplier. It makes a refreshing change to have full faith in knowing that a deliverable will, in fact, be delivered on. Timico’s project management team and support personnel have made this roll out one of the smoothest we have had. We see Timico as a key strategic partner to Honda moving forward,” continues Paul Kidd.

Almost two years on from the initial network roll out, Honda was one of the first major businesses in the UK to migrate its entire ISDN estate to SIP Trunk technology. All lines at its head office and DR site are now successfully running over SIP, bringing significant benefits to Honda.

“It is widely recognised that SIP Trunks will eventually replace ISDN altogether but many large businesses are reticent to make the move because of concerns over reliability and quality of service. Knowing Timico as I do, I had no hesitation in migrating to a fully-fledged IP network, and as early adopters in using SIP to transit all our calls, Honda is seeing the benefits that many other companies will take a few years to realise. We are saving over 45% on our line rental and call charges alone, not to mention the increased resiliency we now have and the multimedia functionality we will be rolling out using Timico’s Hosted Unified Communications platform” concludes Paul Kidd.

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