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Mitel MiCloud Flex

Mitel MiCloud Flex

The Mitel MiCloud Flex platform is fast becoming one of the leading UC&C technologies on the market today. A true UC&C vendor, Mitel fully understand how communications platforms transform businesses, instead of simply plugging a technology gap or replacing existing hardware. 

Timico are pleased to announce that our Gold Partnership with Mitel allows us to deliver their latest cloud offering. The latest Mitel MiCloud Flex solution is set to embed UC&C into business digital transformation journeys. The service is improved, the offering has been simplified, and thanks to Mitel’s partnership with Google, the possibilities are endless. For Mitel customers, the new MiCloud Flex is a gamechanger. 

Mitel MiCloud with Google

The most significant change, and possibly the catalyst for the raft of new benefits, is Mitel's partnership with Google. Let’s face it, who hasn’t heard of Google? And if you’re looking to bring leading technology to the world, then who better to team up with than another world giant? Although Mitel and Google are both digital businesses, until now, they have both operated in different arenas of the technology world. However, when you combine Mitel’s UC&C industry leadership with the reach, power and tools of Google, you end up with a UC&C solution that could change the way enterprise businesses operate; and that’s a big move.

Without question, availability is one of the largest pain points for UC&C solutions. Availability requires redundancy measures such as dual-data centres. However, on-premise data centres are expensive to build and maintain, with a high cost of ownership. Private cloud data centres provide more scale with greater redundancy, and hybrid cloud solutions encompass both private, and public cloud data centres, but come with their own challenges. 

With Google by its side, Mitel have overcome these infrastructure complexity challenges by providing dedicated systems to each customer. 


Resilience as Standard

All installations of the new Mitel MiCloud are in 5 x 9 data centres as standard, with dedicated infrastructure. Every customer’s platform sits on a separate tenant. This means that businesses can enjoy the redundancy and resilience of Google’s infrastructure without the need for costly and complex data centre solutions. 

Rate Limiting

Opex Licensing

All endpoint hardware, if required, is available through an Opex model. This simplifies the procurement, management and reduces cost of ownership. 

Project and program management-b


If required, all Mitel MiCloud comms can be delivered through the cloud, via a browser. Web Realtime Communications is browser and connectivity agnostic, meaning your staff can be connected anywhere


ASC Call recording

Record any format of media that is integrated, voice, video, quality performance, media, and even pull transcripts from the recordings to serve as meeting minutesnotes or even for data mining to enrich the organisations’ data even further.

Intelligent path control

Performance Analytics

The offering comes with performance analytics as standard. Realtimmonitoring is carried out by Timico's NOC team, enabling us to provide proactive management on your behalf. 

Mitel Compliance

A huge challenge that many organisations operating in the cloud face is compliance. However, the combination of Google and Mitel compliance accolades are sure to meet the needs of most businesses. Team those with Timico’s own arm of security and service delivery compliances, and the solution begins to tick boxes that could only be achieved with third-party software integrations. 

For enterprise businesses and organisations where compliance sits above all else, the Mitel MiCloud solution is sure to pique the interest of not just IT Directors and CTOs, but HR Directors and Marketing Directors.  

Mitel Call Centre Capability

Many technologies highlight features that allow employees to achieve more. That’s one of the drivers for the rapid technology growth the world has seen in the past few decades. However, with Mitel MiCloud, businesses truly can scale without the need for increasing headcount. The solution does not replace employees, customer experience (CX) is swayed by the human touch and personal experienceBut Mitel and Google’s offering has introduced ways to bring every conceivable tool an agent could require to their desktops so they can respond with accurate, relevant and historical information that not only improves the CX, but also speeds up resolution times.  

With the use of Google’s AI (artificial intelligence), and ML (machine learning), when a customer initiates a call with an agent, email or chat with the following features are available:  

Project management

Real-time coaching

Real-time coaching and assistance features bring up relevant and accurate content for agents to reference during the call. 

Cost saving

Historical notes

All notes, emails, chats, and actions relating to the customer are brought to the agent’s attention, enabling the agent to see a broader view of the customer needs. 

Managed LAN


Natural language and intent detection assist agents in providing the best service possible.

Project management

Elastic Search

If agents prefer, using elastic search, agents can search for keywords to drive relevant content. 

Cost saving

Bot Assistance

Bots can be deployed via messenger apps before or after a support call to further enhance CX. Bots can guide customers to relevant content or provide solutions to questions, reducing the volume of traffic human agents must deal with, and improving the experience. 

Managed LAN

Bot to Live Assist

Seamlessly pivot from bot to live assist with an expert.  Improves response times and engagement.

Why Timico?

As a Mitel Gold Partner, Timico has developed a long-standing relationship with Mitel, seeing value in its offerings and extending the preferred pricing models of our gold status to our customers.  

But, putting the partnership to one side, as a Managed Service Provider, Timico sees where the MiCloud offering can make a significant difference.  

It’s no secret that Mitel has been UC&C industry leaders for years, and Google’s credibility in scale and infrastructure needs little support. But, when the MiCloud Flex offering is backed by Timico’s experience, expertise and engineering excellence, and then wrapped with our fully managed service and support offering, we really can see that Mitel MiCloud Flex will be changing the way enterprise businesses operate. If this is the start of a new technology shift for UC&C, then Timico, as we have been for over a decade, will be enabling connected, productive and secure modern workforces for the foreseeable future. 

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