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Communication is a pivotal aspect of running a successful business. The ability to communicate effectively both internally and externally will measure how your business appears to the outside world. Therefore, clever communications are essential, for making vital first impressions and for paving the way as a digitally-led business.  

Connect and build a collaborative culture.

You need the ability to work from any location, or any time, with your customers, partners, and suppliers. Our experts can help guide you through the communications technology that can best enhance your business, and help to streamline your future communication solutions.

Businesses can experience faster decision making, easier communication processes, and increased efficiency within the workplace when using enhanced communication solutions. Your business needs to be constantly growing with modern technology, with the ability to cope with rising customer demands.

Service breadth and capability

IP Telephony

IP telephony

Hosted Voice, SIP Trunks, Mitel PBX, Skype for Business / Microsoft Teams

Traditional telephony

Traditional telephony

Fixed Line Telephony, Number Management and Routing

Mobile solutions

Mobile solutions

Mobile voice and data tariffs and devices

Why Timico for communications?

Transform the way your employees interact with mobile voice solutions, data tariffs, and devices

Transform your workplace from traditional technology to a fully digitalised business

Managed migration from your existing in-house or service provider solution

Capability from Network, Data Centre, Cloud through to user workplace experience

Solution built specifically for the needs of your business

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