Unlock the benefits of a collaborative workforce and streamline your way to success.


At Timico we recognise that collaboration is key to business success. Operating in a disjointed and siloed infrastructure is going to limit your business’s ability to operate, grow, and communicate both internally and externally.

Take your tools to the next-level with result-driven collaboration solutions that will seamlessly fit into your business and transform the way you work.

Clever Collaboration.

If you’re not utilising the collaboration tools of the future already, then your business is already missing out. Internal collaboration platforms such as instant messaging, shared document management, and video conferencing are proven to deliver a heightened level of teamwork across your business. This empowers your employees, strengthens your communications, and subsequently improves both productivity and efficiency.

Clever collaboration tools can also help your business to communicate externally, by providing greater efficiency for multi-location business meetings, secure sharing, and helps you demonstrate your position as a digital-leader in your industry.

Services and Capabilities

Video Conferencing, Instant Messaging & Presence

Skype for Business and Microsoft Teams

Document Management


Why Timico for Collaboration?

Get expert advice and consultancy on the solutions that will suit your business, without the need for unnecessary tech investments.

Develop your business with competitive result-driven solutions that will aid your business in your journey to digitalisation.

Get 24-hour support for all of your collaboration services, allowing you to get on with your day-to-day functions, knowing that your IT is being safely managed by an expert team.

Timico aims to equip you with the knowledge to maintain a successful collaboration strategy for the future. Many of today’s technologies won’t outlive 10 years, so you need to make sure your business is ready to transform just as readily as collaboration technology does.

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