Public Cloud

The Possibilities of Public Cloud.


In the array of cloud options available to businesses, public cloud can stick out as an efficient, cost effective, easily implemented option in the ‘cloud’ of options. This is a solution hosted over the internet, which suits businesses looking for flexible contracts.

What is it?

The solution entails a cloud-based platform where files, applications, and data, can be stored within it and can be accessed over a standard internet connection. The public cloud can be accessed at any time, from anywhere, which is great for businesses looking for flexibility, and the ability to up-scale or down-scale as they require.

Secure - Flexible - Scalable - Easy to Manage

Get exactly what you need.

You need a responsive platform for your business activity, with the added benefits of agility, streamlined performance, guidance from a trusted advisor, and security/compliance. Public cloud is extremely easy to set up, but businesses should look for providers with continuous maintenance and care to ensure security and compliance.

Why Timico?

The Right Experts for your Cloud Journey

We will guide you with the right solutions to modernize your business. Timico recognises that cloud capabilities will lead to improved performance and reduced costs, and so will help digitally transform your business. We want to steer your business in the right direction of solutions to ensure you don’t mind out.

Become more Agile

The public cloud will lead to great agility within your business, and move you away from rigid IT systems. Public cloud is a flexible solution, that can be scaled up or down, depending on how much space you need. If your business requires more storage at certain peak seasons of the year, Timico can give you the solution bespoke to you. Additionally, if you want to minimise your costs at other times, we can reduce your storage with utility style costing.

Access from Anywhere

You can access your IT infrastructure, online documents, and collaboration tools from multiple locations using public cloud. This ensures that no matter what the conditions, your business can keep running on an internet connection from anywhere, without limiting your ability to work productively. Additionally, adding the public cloud to your offering can extend your businesses ability to work from home, a growing trend in the business sector.

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