Securing your manufacturing business with cyber security

With cyber-attacks posing an even greater risk to manufacturing businesses in 2021, we provide our top cyber security tips. 

The increase in service demand combined with continuous change and disruption has left manufacturing businesses more vulnerable and at risk of cyber-attacks than ever before. In 2020, the sector saw a 156 per cent rise in security threats in the first quarter alone. What’s more, recent reports have highlighted that the manufacturing industry will have one of the highest rates of cyber security breaches in 2021. 

While the risk of a cyber-attack can seem daunting, there are steps businesses can take now to protect their assets, data and infrastructure, before it is too late. 

cyber security

Incident response 

Alarmingly, more than half of manufacturers have experienced a cyber threat in last 12 months. Often these threats have taken weeks or months to rectify the issue. Business owners and IT directors need to assume there will be a breach at some the point. However, it is how the threat is managed and dealt with which will determine the impact it has on the business and operations. 

Currently, the biggest threats to manufacturers are phishing and vulnerability issues where early detection is key. A detailed incident response plan will enable manufacturers to spot issues and respond quickly and effectively, before a cyber threat impacts business operations. The plan needs to include key contacts of the response team, escalation matrices and a reliable collaboration function that allows stakeholders to share information easily. 

However, keeping abreast of any threats continuously is not always possible. As a full-service MSP, we provide a Network Operations Centre. Our experts are on hand to monitor infrastructure and potential threats 24/7, with business challenges in mind. 

Business back up 

In manufacturing, data is everywhere. It helps run smart factories, provides quality checks and gives real-time tracking information and production analytics. However, if this data is not backed up, it is not protected, drastically affecting a business’ operations in the event of a breach. 

Regular backup is vital in ensuring business protection. We offer managed Backup as a Service (BaaS) which enables manufacturing businesses to store their data securely offsite. Our experts also regularly check and back up the data over a cloud network connection.  

Educate your staff 

Did you know that the largest security risk in any organisation is its people? Malicious attacks are often embedded in emails, phishing attacks, or contained in files just waiting to be opened. Without the right knowledge, staff can become putty in a cyber criminal’s hands. As a result, employers need to take responsibility now to ensure the right safety nets are in place, such as email protection and early detection and response. 

Cyber security training today has also evolved as fast as the threats and security solutions. Businesses have in-person and online training programmes at their fingertips. Taking action to educate staff now through cyber security awareness will no doubt avoid unnecessary risk, paying dividends in the future. 

Make cyber security financially beneficial 

When considering budgets for cyber security, the investment far outweighs the risk. In 2020, organisations spent £2.9m recovering from cyber breaches. With the manufacturing industry at greater risk from attack, now is the time for IT directors and business owners to take control and protect their company. 

In doing so, businesses will see their investment pay dividends in the future. Reliable solutions will speed up time to resolution, reduce downtime on the factory floor and prevent data loss. 

No business is the same 

When it comes to cyber security, there is no one size fits all model. The solutions can depend on the level of protection required and a manufacturers’ associated budget. It is always best to seek the professional advice of an MSP like Timico. Our experts have the knowledge and experience to advise on phishing prevention, web security protection and multi-factor authentication to best suit requirements and digital transformation strategies. 

We can also determine if a business could benefit from updating legacy systems or installing new software to reduce the risk. For instance, a cloud-based digital infrastructure allows a business to securely host its applications and data in a public, private, or hybrid cloud platform, and Microsoft 365 enables employees to securely share and edit documents. The additional security of these applications can offer further reassurance, if employees are accessing files and data from multiple locations. 

Speak to us today about your cyber security requirements. Sign up to receive a free consultation by clicking here. 


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Jan 15, 2021

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