Mitel’s UCaaS Solution is Digitally Transforming

Mitel’s UCaaS solution, MiCloud Flex has aligned the UC&C world with other information technology elements. The solution, which utilises Google’s artificial intelligence and machine learning capabilities, has put call centre staff on the front foot at a time when online customer support has never been more crucial.  

With the ability to direct social media messaging, calls, video and chat to a single platform, and then pull up a customer’s entire contact history, call times are reduced, customer experience is improved, and on the occasion that the customer has to wait, Google’s AI can be enabled to step in with intelligent suggestions.  

Mitel’s UCaaS solution does not only appeal to businesses with call centres, however. Organisations that require a comprehensive communications and collaboration platform to form the backbone of their business will also benefit from the solution. Businesses that understand the resilience and flexibility value in a geographically redundant, hosted system, but still want control of their assets would also find advantages in MiCloud Flex. 


Dedicated System 

When Mitel set out to develop the UCaaS solution, they set the bar high. Each customer’s solution resides in Mitel’s 5 x 9 datacentre on separate tenant. For a business to host its own solution, with an equal amount of redundancy, security, and resilience, the solution would be too costly to consider for many.  

But what Mitel has done with the MiCloud Flex solution is make all those enterprise level features available to businesses of all sizes.  

UCaaS Features 

One of the most alluring features of the UCaaS solution is the collation of integrated tools that, historically, required third-party software and additional licenses to compliment a telephony solution. For example, many professional service organisations require call recording for compliance purposes, which came at additional cost and added complexities to the solution.  

However, built-in ASC call recording can be used to log all forms of communications with a customer. A detailed customer history is then developed and displayed to support staff during future calls to improve the customer experience. Data and analytics can be then developed and mined to enhance the solution even further.  

WebRTC, if required, means that the UCaaS can be accessed through a browser with no additional hardware. A headset is optional, and even soft phones and conference phones can be added if the business wishes. WebRTC is browser agnostic, meaning that the experience is the same regardless of the device. This makes the solution ideal for remote working staff, travelling employees and even workforces in workplaces with limited cabling.

Performance analytics comes as standard. When the UCaaS solution is acquired through Timico, customers have the advantage of our NOC team’s proactive management.  Realtime monitoring is carried out meaning our customers’ teams can focus on value-add projects as opposed to day-to-day maintenance.  

Pay as you go. 

In todays’ climate, businesses are moving away from front-loaded Capex models with complex depreciation schedules, in favour of flexible Opex models.  

The flexibility means businesses can scale up and down with a few clicks of a mouse, and do not have to commit to a fixed license count for a fixed period.  

The solution’s features are impressive. The integration with Google takes the call centre options to a whole new level of customer service. In today’s world, with uncertainty behind every door, a business needs to be able to absorb the blows with enough resilience left to strike when the time is right. Mitel’s UCaaS solution, MiCloud Flex gives businesses that ability, and with Timico’s added support packages, it is a smart investment for business that want to stay connected, productive and secure. Download our whitepaper here to learn more. 


We deliver Connectivity, UC&C, Cloud & Hosting, Security and IT Managed Service Solutions to our customers, through Service Operations based in Newark, Winnersh, Telford and London.

Nov 12, 2020

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