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Purpose to every Penny: How to Make Donations Go Further

Purpose to every Penny: How to Make Donations Go Further

There is a rising suspicion among the public that their money isn’t being spent on the causes that matter. Often, charitable organisations haven’t got an efficient infrastructure, and so are losing the power of donations on unnecessary overheads. People want to know that their money is making a difference and is directly affecting the images that the causes reflect.

It’s imperative that organisations are mindful of public opinion, as the will to do good work is dependent on exactly that, the will of the public. By helping improve efficiencies in the workplace, organisations can tighten their spending or ‘governance’ and add purpose to every penny. This way more funding can be given directly in aid, satisfying the initial will of the donator.

One way that charities can increase their efficiency is through digital transformation. This is the act of making analogue processes digital. Right now, digital transformation is quite literally ‘transforming’ the way we interact with the world. And it’s especially important in maximising the potential of donations. Here’s how:

Charity not for profit it solutions cloud provider

The Cloud

While it may seem that migrating services to the Cloud is a costly endeavour. In the short and long run, the cost-saving benefits are worth the initial investment.

  1. You don’t need to maintain expensive servers.
  2. The workplace becomes accessible for staff in multiple geographical locations, saving money on travel, engineers and running costs.
  3. Payment services become much easier and aligned with a new-age digital mindset, with low-admin costs on online payments providing greater value per donation.

No Disruption to the Network

It’s important that donations are always accessible to customers. Not only do IT solutions provider security and uptime benefits, but money isn’t lost or revoked through collapsing servers and bounce rates from ‘would-be’ donators dealing with frustrating IT.

Lowered Overheads

With the help of a CSP, it’s possible to use technology to scale and flex IT infrastructure – providing you with cost-effective solutions. It works by scaling the service with the peaks of demand, and helps identify and remove unnecessary expenditure.

Digitalised Payment Systems

One way to maximise the amount of money purely being spent on aid is to setup direct debit schemes. It’s important to note that while the digitalisation of payment has swept across stores and retailers, 80% of charities still rely on alternative (often old-fashioned) payment methods. Direct debit is a digitalised method that requires almost zero admin fee and sets up a recurring payment process in weekly or monthly amounts. Unlike the administration costs of physical fund raising, and resources invested in finding new donators, direct debit offers a greater value to each donation.


SD WAN allows for networks spread over multiple geographical locations to be accessible via a single access point. By connecting staff and customers whenever and wherever they are, you can save costs on travel, offices and physical labouring.

Cloud and IT solutions can be a lifesaver in costs, helping to remove obstacles, and giving efficiency to every penny.

Chris Ward

Content Specialist

Nov 30, 2018

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