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Social Housing IT

Five ways to tackle social housing IT challenges

It is no secret that social housing IT challenges continues to be a growing problem for housing associations. The changing expectations of the digital citizen, technology budget constraints as well as the ongoing recovery from Covid-19 means that these challenges are only going to increase ...
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National Earth Day: Making a difference to the environment

As a leading business in the UK, our environmental and sustainable responsibility has always been at the core of our business strategy. However, there is always more we can be doing and, as we mark National Earth Day this year, we are even more dedicated ...
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Timico Connected Podcast: Life After Covid

Exciting News! The second installment of our new podcast, Timico Connected, is now available to download and listen to!  Launched in March this year, the Timico Connected podcast aims to dive deeper into the world of technology, providing key discussions and advice around topics that matter to our ...
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healthcare sector

Helping the Healthcare sector to digitally transform

There is no doubt that technology has been a key enabler across all areas of the healthcare sector during the Covid-19 pandemic. The sector has undergone its largest digital transformation programme in recent months, contributing to the successful running of hospitals, ensuring patients are kept updated and easing demand on services.   Recently, the NHS deployed the ...
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Hospitality Technology 

Five reasons hospitality technology is vital for businesses reopening their doors

Have you considered how hospitality technology can transform and enable your business after the Covid-19 lockdown?   Over the next few months, hospitality businesses around the UK will finally be allowed to open their doors and welcome customers back into their establishments. While, this is a welcome relief to many, new customer ...
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Welcome to Timico’s virtual Easter egg hunt, in support of St John Ambulance!

At the start of 2020, Timico chose St John Ambulance as its charity of the year. The 140-year-old organisation is a volunteer-led health and first aid charity, with national presence, reach and scale. When the UK was placed in lockdown in March, the charity’s volunteers proved critical to the Covid-19 pandemic, providing ...
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