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ISO 27017

Timico achieves ISO 27017 (cloud security) certification

We are delighted to announce that Timico has become one of the first organisations to achieve the ISO 27017 (Cloud Security) certification with Alcumus ISOQAR, extending the scope of our existing ISO certifications.   ISO 27017 is a security standard issued by the International Organisation of Standards and was achieved by our team in collaboration with Teamwork IMS. Developed for ...
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Lockdown Tools for Teams

Discover optimised remote working with Teams Voice from Timico. Fast, effective deployments of Teams Voice available now. Keep your employees connected, productive and secure, despite another lockdown.  If you’re looking for lockdown tools to enhance your remote working environment, with reduced overheads, and familiarity that improves your team’s efficiency, then ...
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Building productive IT Infrastructure post-Covid

The Covid-19 lockdown has significantly impacted businesses operating in the construction industry, with several non-essential building projects being placed on hold.  Now, as the sector begins to adapt to a new normal, we examine how technology will be paramount in enabling the construction industry’s future.  ...
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computer learning month

Computer Learning Month: The best resources for enhancing your computer skills 

Computer Skills Resources To celebrate Computer Learning Month in October, we wanted to shed light on some of the best IT training courses and resources that have proved helpful to our employees in improving computer skills and expertise.   What is Computer Learning Month?   Whether we're ...
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Remote working

Remote Company IT Solutions – How Timico Guides Businesses to Enable Remote Working

Company IT infrastructures have been evolving since the moment they were first created. The boundaries are always being pushed. While we at Timico are advocates of the next technological generation, we’re also respected for being in touch with our customers’ needs. We understand that not ...
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Benefits of SD-WAN for Small Businesses During Covid

Benefits of SD-WAN The benefits of SD-WAN have never been more apparent during these uncertain times. Digital transformation is now more vital than ever for business agility. SD-WAN, or Software Defined WAN, is the next generation of WAN technology. However, price tags also evolve with ...
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