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Don’t Do Anything on the Cloud Until You’ve Read This – Part 1 – Discovery

Don’t Do Anything on the Cloud Until You’ve Read This – Part 1

Public cloud adoption is constantly making the news, however, Forrester predicts that the private cloud market, whether managed in-house or outsourced will continue to grow through to 2022 despite public cloud adoption. This article provides key points to address prior to cloud adoption, to ensure a successful and objective aligned transition.

Converged managed services IT solutions provider frustrated employee digital transformation cloud adoption

Up to 80% of respondents cited lack of management as a reason to migrate from the public cloud.

Rushing to the cloud without a business aligned plan can have serious consequences, including failed projects and uncontrolled spending. In fact, in IDC’s 2018 Cloud Adoption and AI Survey, 80% of respondents migrated applications or data away from public cloud and back to on premise or private clouds. Those respondents are citing Security, Cloud Spend, Governance and lack of expertise managing multiple clouds as the reasons to re-address their cloud posture.

So, with the future being more multi-cloud or hybrid cloud, migrating to and defining ‘the cloud’ has never been more complex and no two journeys or paths are the same. That’s why it is important you have the best understanding of the current state of your digital landscape and your desired state that align with business drivers and objectives.

It is important to take these experiences and use them in defining your own cloud strategy. By working with a good service provider, you are provided the experience and frameworks needed to ensure the very best outcomes for each unique business requirement, without falling into the challenges seen by earlier adopters.

Given some of the cited challenges, as an IT director or CIO you should be working closely with someone within your business or a trusted partner that can help take you through a process which takes some of the following elements into consideration.

Identify the ‘Why?’

The first item that needs to be identified are business motivators. What are the reasons behind the drive for change? The drivers vary from looking for technical innovation that allows a business to compete in their marketplace, reduce spend, reduce risk and improve SLA’s to the business. Whatever the driver, identifying the ‘why’ will go along way in successful cloud adoption.

Identify the Applications

Next, you need to take a step down into more detail and understand the business and its high-profile applications. By interviewing stakeholders, not just IT personnel (although important), identify the data and applications that are critical to the business, either its performance or operation again linked to motivators. When obtaining the technical information from IT, getting an understanding of the security posture is also important. It is likely that a desired security posture is tiered dependent upon risk and impact of differing applications. These discussions will help formulate a later plan.

The deeper you go into what’s out there and help to find those much-forgotten corners of the infrastructure by deploying automated discovery tools. You would be surprised the number of projects that change scope because of those forgotten elements. So, by using discovery tools, you can quickly look across a complete estate, look at the applications that are installed across the estate and start to identify dependencies and validate some security expectations. You should be looking to extend discovery into performance monitoring to gather a baseline and develop further KPI’s for defining success.

Identify the Network

The last part to discuss in the discovery process is network discovery. Whether it is LAN, WAN or internet based, all your business applications are accessed across a network and it is the performance or lack thereof that can drastically impact an application or cloud performance.

Using the above, you will be ready for ‘Don’t Do Anything on the Cloud until You’ve Read This – Part 2’ where we will look at Assessment.



Martin Riley

Chief Technology Officer

Jan 17, 2019

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