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Cloud Based Networking Technology with Cisco Meraki

Cisco Meraki provides networking technology via a centralized cloud-based platform. This includes features such as Wi-Fi, switching, security, and mobile device management. All these features often require IT expertise to build and implement a traditional network, and so having the option to access this technology from the cloud is appealing to many customers. Here are some of the benefits of networking solutions with Cisco Meraki:

Remain Constantly Up-to-Date

One of the main perks of cloud based networking is that devices are easily updated. This provides longevity to a business’s network infrastructure, and in turn relieves the burden of maintaining outdated technology. Instead of requiring expert network engineers to take time to update infrastructure, this can all be done via the cloud remotely. This unique feature allows a business to relieve focus on their networks, while still remaining secure and functional.

Additionally, devices are automatically upgraded whenever patches for functionality or security are released. A business has completely flexibility over whether this feature can be arranged manually, and can schedule updates to happen at selected times. This significantly simplifies maintenance of networks, making Cisco Meraki an attractive option for many of their customers.

Gain Visibility and Control

Cloud-managed networking simplifies a business’s network and enables devices to be managed by the cloud with minimal effort. As network administrators can see all devices, and control them remotely, there is heightened control over networks, and increased visibility in comparison to traditional systems.

Most notably, the Cisco Meraki Dashboard can be accessed even from Android and Apple mobile phones- as well as other more traditional devices- giving a business mobile management over troubleshooting tools, network tests, and network bandwidth monitoring. Through this, a business can configure all changes out to every Meraki device in their company, updating all devices in the network at the same time, innovating how networks are traditionally managed.

All traffic is sent through an encrypted secure layer, and no client information ever accesses the dashboard. Cisco Meraki controls traffic to be separate from a regular network communication, minimising risk of harmful attacks.

Christian Aid chose Timico to provide both the UK data circuits for their regional offices, and Cisco Meraki customer equipment. Meraki equipment can be centrally managed all through Meraki’s own cloud management interface. Through their Meraki kit, Christian Aid has the capability to extend their network functionality beyond a simple wide area network, with the ability to shape and filter traffic quickly and easily using Meraki’s Layer 7 technology.

Be Scalable and Forward Thinking

With flexible technology, Meraki can be implemented regardless of the size of the business. This is because it is cloud-based, easy setup, and doesn’t require costly experts in order to be implemented. This means that Cisco Meraki technology can be used by the smallest of businesses looking for a convenient solution, and also large organisations looking for increased efficiency in their networks. If businesses want to scale up or down in the future, this can easily be done – and costs can easily be adjusted too! This sort of change may have been pricier with traditional networking infrastructures, highlighting why cloud-based networks are increasingly appealing to Cisco Meraki’s customers.

Reduces your Costs

Lastly, services can be detached from specific hardware, and services can be implemented more quickly over a network connection using the software. As the technology can be deployed quickly and easily, a business does not require additional staff or training for the interfaces, streamlining the implementation of networking technology, and allowing the business to no longer worry about extra staffing costs.

Christian Aid wanted to enhance the stability of their connectivity, with the benefit of on-going remote management – a quality that Meraki technology provides. Cisco Meraki’s simple online configuration capability meant that Christian Aid was able to experience quick and easy pre-programming via the web, with no need to invest in separate configuration software.

If you are interested in the benefits of cloud-based networking or want to learn more about the Networking options that Timico provides, you can download our guide, “Networks & Connectivity: A guide to connecting the dots”. Get your free copy here!

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Mar 1, 2018

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