Improving Team Collaboration

Unify your people and differentiate your business.

You don’t realise how dependent your teams are on collaboration technology until they are split or on the move.


When it comes to attending that big business meeting in the city, completing important work while travelling from one point to the next, or even just working from home - you want your employees to be able to access their documents, projects, customer information, and all the other important assets they will need in order to get the job done.

In the office, collaboration technology can streamline communications across departments, make meetings easier, reduce workload by allowing your employees to become more efficient, and take the weight off the lengthy administration of files and documents.

Transformation isn’t a tightrope

Rapidly modernise your teams and the ways that they work with innovative collaboration technology.

Moving towards technology that will transform your organisation shouldn’t be a balancing act. Timico can provide you with collaboration tech that is easy to implement, easy to use and injects instant innovation into the way your employees can work. No more balancing in-between your old ways of working and the new- get instant changes that swiftly and easily transforms how you collaborate.

Give your employees the power!

Unified communications

Instant messaging and presence


Video conferencing

Shared document management

Group channels

Team-focused functionality

Not in the office? No Problem.

Set up a voice meeting for as many participants you like, with screen sharing and instant messaging capabilities included.

Need to spread a message? Job done.

Get access to company-wide shared document management and make important information accessible to everyone. No more unread email ‘excuses’.

Want a community? Spread the word!

Utilise team based platforms that promote collaboration across departments and skill-based silos.

Set your business apart?

Modernise yourself with sophisticated, yet simple, solutions that streamline the ways you work.

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