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No job is immune from technology and its effects, so we know that in a fast-paced technological world the pressure is on for IT leaders.

Timico recognises that there are two types of IT leaders. The first is those who have a traditional perspective of IT, solely responsible for their company’s technology spend with a sole focus on technology and limited insight into the internal workings of other departments. The second type is the transformative IT leader, who drives digital transformation across the business, utilising technology with the intention to add value and support teams more efficiently.

Timico believes IT leaders should be ambitious, have a vision to articulate new and innovative ideas company-wide, and need to align their technology role with their company’s business objectives.

You require the ability to immerse yourself into the different environments of your organisation and understand the IT, data, and analytics that comes in to play in the everyday running of your business. Strategic planning and vision, communication across your business, and responsiveness to change is critical for successful technology leadership.

No more hiding in the IT department

IT leaders should be constantly identifying places in their business where technology can make improvements. Technology shouldn’t be the starting point for all problems, but should be a consideration for fixing issues where other solutions fail. Timico wants to help you efficiently identifying pinch points, bottle necks, or overlooked issues in your business, and smartly assess where you should invest your IT.

The Mid-Market Manifesto

Mid-market businesses often spend a larger percentage of their revenue on technology compared to their larger enterprise-size competitors. We recognise that this shouldn’t be a necessity, but your spend should allow you to still maintain an effective and future-thinking grip on your technology. Timico aims to understand your business, sector, and existing IT infrastructure to help you identify where to focus your tech.

Empower those around you by maximising their potential

In order for excellence to be delivered, your business (or partners) needs maximised potential of investment in technology and people. Your teams, customers, or services, need access to innovative and forward-thinking technology in order to reach their maximum potential. Following this, businesses with heightened technology are able to unlock the potential of their employees quicker, and allow them to make better decisions based on innovative collaborative, data-driven technology. We recognise that you should always aim for excellence, but cater for the potential of coming up short.

Thought Leadership for IT Leaders

Timico understands that innovation is a team activity. If you want change, it has to be across your business, not just at a board or single-department level. In order to achieve this, your business needs to embrace ‘open innovation’ – the idea that new ideas can come from employees, partners, and customers, to disperse the adoption of innovation across your company.

CTO’s and IT leaders need to have the power to drive change within an organisation through the use of technology, and in turn create a cultural shift into innovation. This level of influence requires a strong level of thought leadership, based on the right combination of effective technology, business decision support, and responsive employees. If you want to be a strong innovator, your business should be open to embracing a strong thought leadership agenda with your partners, customers, and employees.

Timico believes that technology guidance doesn’t come in a box with PO against it. We want to help you embrace innovation, and so encourage the sharing of opinions, ideas, and thought leadership.

Free up your staff

Technology is important, and core to your business. IT leaders should focus on strengthening IT from the inside out, but when solutions can be found elsewhere, we believe you should have a strong partner. Outsourcing infrastructure and solutions will allow IT staff, to work on bigger, better, projects that will help drive change in your business. This may not be an essential, but are here to aid you if you need it.

Be Responsive

In the modern technology landscape, your business needs to remain responsive and adaptive to the latest-and-greatest tech. We recognise that your customers and suppliers perception of you in the market is constantly changing. If you’re not being disruptive in your market, then you are being disrupted by your competitor’s innovation.

Communicate Innovation

IT budgets are no longer limited to the IT department. We know that decisions within your IT budget are typically made to buy services that include elements of IT, but outside your internal department.

By giving your employees the ability to utilise new forward-thinking tools, you not only bring your business to the forefront of innovation, but you also motivate and inspire your employees’ enthusiasm for their workplace productivity. You shouldn’t need to be fighting for control of IT as a cost centre, IT should be secure, compliant, performance-based, and available to all within your organisation.

You need to be confident that your IT provider can give you the guidance and expertise required to implement technology company-wide, not just a rollout within the IT department.


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