Top 6 Ways to Implement Successful Digital Transformation

Top 6 Ways to Implement Successful Digital Transformation

Following the success of our free eBook The IT Transformation Guide for Ambitious Businesses we decided to share more insight into effective digital transformation.

Companies often get caught behind the times. This charm can work for a family-run fishery in Cornwall – but does it work for the demands of your business?

Digital is here

In my previous post I mentioned the difference between Digitisation vs Digitalisation and the importance going digital has for any successful enterprise. Now, instead of honing down on terminology we are going to get practical. So here are the top 6 considerations for a successful digital transformation campaign:

1. No Tech for Tech’s Sake

Technology for Digital Transformation

Effective digital strategy is not about bringing in the latest vogue in the tech-world. Avoid purposeless technology/gimmicks and focus on digital strategy that will advance your business. You don’t need to install the latest 4K HD cameras if your current cameras work fine. Identify areas that hinder your business. This can be due to speed, man-power, administration cost, logistics, communication – then you can identify whether investing in a digital solution is worth it.

2. Focus Digital Strategy on Customer Experience

“Today’s customers suffer an epidemic of short attention spans.”

Digital transformation can revolutionise your business. In order to drive successful change, your business needs to focus on digital strategies that will enhance your customer’s experience. With the breadth of new and exciting technology, it is easy to overlook the importance of learning about your customer’s expectations. A customer-centric approach is vital when implementing new technology. Choose technology that will enhance your customer’s user journey.

For example, the branding of a retail store will require a different digital strategy to an IT firm. This is expected across all channels: online, offline, and in store. Today’s customers suffer an epidemic of short attention spans. Implement digital transformation that guides the customer to sales with minimal distraction time. Are there any pitfalls or slow-ups? These are the areas that may require a digital strategy.

3. Create a Realistic Implementation Timescale

Digital transformation will not happen overnight. Set yourself timescales.

You don’t want to risk overwhelming staff and clients with big changes too soon. Training should be provided, and all changes should be implemented at a digestible pace.

4. Consistent from Top to Bottom

Digital Transformation at a board room

It’s important that all staff are on board. This requires a cultural shift for the whole business. Communication across all departments is vital for successful Digital transformation. If digital technology is foreign to staff, consider appointing a Chief Digital Officer (CDO) or an internal expert from within your organisation. Digital transformation is a cultural shift as much as a technical one

5. The Value of your Services

Identify the areas of your business that are impacting you negatively. Digital transformation initiatives are a great time to single out processes, products, equipment (including IT systems), and even customers that have zero or negative impact on profitability. Make sure to leave no business-stone unturned and ensure that the digital strategy you implement will add value or profit to your organisation.

6. Monitor your Returns

Money is a simple way of measuring value and gauging the success of your digital transformation. Monitor your returns and adjust your strategy as appropriate. Higher sales and lower operating costs are potential benefits of successful digital strategy. Prioritise resources to the areas where digital transformation is giving the best results.

Bonus tip: Be Flexible to a Changing Digital Sphere

Try to be flexible in your approach to digital transformation. Comfort and familiarity rarely produce the same results as the ability to adapt to change.

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Jul 17, 2018

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