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Top 6 Essential Benefits of SD-WAN

Top 6 Essential Benefits of SD-WAN

There are a number of facets to business growth. You can look at an increase in revenue, or an expanse of acquisitions or property. Inevitably, the ambitious business will not stay put for long. There’s too many minds looking ahead, plotting the course. SD-WAN is the enabler of both geographical and internal growth. With the ability to provide speed and agility without compromising security and performance, there’s no longer a ceiling for the ambitious business.

SD What?

SD-WAN is a technology that applies software-defined networking (SDN) to WAN connections. It is primarily used to connect branch offices and data centres over multiple geographical locations using the best network path for applications and internet-based cloud services.

Before understanding the benefits of SD-WAN, it’s important to understand the before-state. Here are examples of the problems posed with traditional WAN networking:

  1.  Internet outages causing service disruption to internet-based cloud services
  2. Frustration surrounding the inflexibility of MPLS (Multiprotocol Label Switching)
  3. Slow and costly deployment of new sites

If it’s slow for you, it’s slow for the customer. The domino-effect of bad infrastructure can sabotage every area of your business. In a similar way, a smooth and security-intensified SD-WAN can have a positive domino-effect. This will provide gateways to flawless operation and growth. So, here’s my top 6 benefits of SD-WAN that your business needs:

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1. Cover Any Distance

One major benefit of SD-WAN is the accessibility. Businesses can use broadband across any distance and still maintain mission critical, latency-sensitive business applications.

2. Control Your Connectivity

SD-WAN provides a broad set of configurable policies and metrics that can be used to improve user-experience. Businesses can benefit from application intelligence and direct connectivity to individual cloud-based apps for improved workplace functions.

3. Route Your Traffic

Businesses can benefit from greater controls to allow traffic to be routed based on the quality of all WAN connections, maintaining a seamless user experience.

4. Scale with Your Ambition

With zero touch deployment and cloud management, SD-WAN provides immense scalability and the ability to bring on new sites with an internet connection in a matter of hours.

5. Support Your Digital Transformation

Businesses will have the power to adapt with change, operating an infrastructure that supports growth and transformation.

6. Empower Your Users

SD-WAN gives sites independence by bringing connectivity on-premise, allowing users to efficiently access and operate internet-based cloud applications and services.

 In Conclusion

The digital revolution is creating an unprecedented level of change in the professional and personal sphere. Unless businesses rise to meet the challenge, they will quickly be left behind. SD-WAN significantly improves IT performance and agility allowing businesses to run seamlessly from multiple geographical locations. A must for ambitious businesses moving forward.





Tracey Peel

Solution Consultant

Sep 26, 2018

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